June 29, 2017

LED Grow Lights from SeniorLED – Product Spotlight

LED technology has taken over the lighting market in every field including agriculture. As the leading LED manufacturer of China, SeniorLED has developed the best indoor farming LED lights for farmers, florists and indoor gardeners. We are favoured by indoor farmers and agriculturists across the world because we bring unique advantages along with our LED grow lights.

This blog post will introduce you to the LED features of grow lights developed by our highly qualified team of LED engineers. Read on to learn why SeniorLED has become a pioneer in LED grow lighting:

Huge LED lifespan

Very few LED suppliers in the world can match the long lasting nature of our LED grow lights. The average lifespan of grow lights crafted at our LED manufacturing unit is more than 35000 hours. This comes as an advantage to young agriculture entrepreneurs and farmers operating at a small level. Long lifespan also means no need to replace the lights frequently. This leads to long term LED savings.

Energy efficiency

LED grow lights are the future of urban farming and agriculture projects due to its eco-friendly and energy saving features. According to various studies, LED grow lights consume 40% less energy as compared to traditional HPS lamps. This means you will be spending less on power bills. Grow lights from SeniorLED are fitted with isolated DC driver which promises no flicker and perfect lighting to plants.

Over heat protection

Our LED grow lights promise complete safety to plants as they emit very less heat as compared other traditional grow lights. This helps in sustainable plant growth without any heat damage. With SeniorLED’s grow light technology, your plants will get the right amount of heat required for growth. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the success of our LED grow lights in countries like the USA, Canada, Middle East, and parts of Asia.

Environment friendly

Being a LED manufacturer of global repute, SeniorLED never compromises with quality and efficiency. Our LED grow lights don’t contain hazardous chemicals like mercury which can contaminate soil and water bodies if disposed incorrectly. In short, best LED grow lights promote plant growth without compromising the environment in any way.

Other unique advantages

Grow lights from SeniorLED shorten the growth cycle of plants, occupy less space, and accomplish a lot more. Here are other unique benefits of buying LED grow lights from top LED manufacturers and suppliers of China:

*  Perfect for multi-layer cultivation stereo combination system.

*  Light distribution tech that eliminates visual fatigue and glare.

*  Lower electromagnetic radiation.

*  Protection from short circuit and over temperature.

*  Competitively priced without compromise on LED quality.

*  Easy installation

SeniorLED ensures best possible LED lighting solutions in terms of quality and efficiency. Our LED grow lights are built to deliver best lighting source for urban and city farming. Send an email at to discuss your LED grow light requirements or visit this page to learn more about LED grow lights.

We are one of the top LED manufacturing companies of China, and also a registered brand in the USA and Canada. Like our Facebook page to stay updated with new products, team announcements, and other details.



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