T8 LED Tubes Nano Plastic

LED T8 LED Tubes Nano Plastic

1. High tech nano plastic body case.
2. No bending after long time use.
3. Wide beam angle 300°.
Supply Ability:1,000,000/Month
Warranty:2-3 years for UL products
Payment Terms:TT / LC / OA / Paypal / West Union
Min.Order Quantity:500pcs (Sample and test order available)

General Details

Key Benefits 

T8 LED Tube built using Nano Plastic is one of the most revolutionary products from SeniorLED which has been illuminating streets, billboards, highways, and roads in cities, suburbs, and rural areas all over the world. As the leading global supplier of LED tubes, we have supplied millions of T8 LED tube lights & lighting products to Panasonic and Kodak lighting US. Besides building quality top quality T8 LED products which bring cost efficiency, we continuously dedicate efforts on R&D to identify evolving indoor and outdoor lighting needs of our customers. Have a look at the product features that make our T8 LED bulbs successful in terms of quality, durability and after sales support:

* Single end power supply (ballast bypass) gives our T8 LED retrofit lights added anti-electric shock safety.

* Internal constant current driver features an instant start up or shut off mechanism.

* Besides no warming up time or flickering, our unique LED product for sale offers protection from overpowering, overheating, electrical shorting, and overexposed circuitry.

* Wide input voltage range 175-265V/AC and THD < 15%.

* Retrofitted for direct replacement of T8 linear fluorescent tubes, compatible with G13 socket (R17D, FA8 available).

* Environment friendly and mercury free LED T8 bulbs with nano plastics eliminate hazardous installation, removal and disposal.

* Certified by CE, EMC, ROHS.

* Long lifespan of up to 30,000 hrs. Based on ideal temperature (25°C) and 10hrs/day operating conditions.

* Our T8 LED retrofit lights bring product warranty of 3-5 years.

* SeniorLED’s T8 tube lights are available in different power outputs like 9W, 18W, 22W and 24W.

Our T8 lighting solutions are made of special nano plastics for enhancing the efficiency and durability. Our T8 LED lights for sale can be retrofitted with the older version of LED tubes. Being top indoor and outdoor LED tube manufacturer and supplier, SeniorLED offers a warranty of 3-5 years along with friendly support during warranty and repairs.

Buy T8 LED Tube Lights at Best Price

As a leading indoor & outdoor LED tube light manufacturer and supplier, we offer competitive best pricing to our global customers based in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Asia. With our dedicated R&D team and dependable raw material suppliers, SeniorLED offers OEM and ODM services across the world to global brands like Home Depot. We are very glad that our eco-friendly T8 LED tubes (Nano Plastic) are helping nations adopt the vision of Green technology and protect environment. Read client testimonials to learn how we are fulfilling the lighting requirements of local businesses and global entrepreneurs.

Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 or send an email at info@seniorled.com to discuss your order of T8 LED street light bulbs with our team of LED engineers.


SeniorLED’s T8 LED tube lights (Nano Plastic) have been illuminating streets, billboards, and suburbs for over one decade now. We design and offer T8 LED bulbs for sale that not only deliver bright light but also encourage power savings and come with the advantage of long lifespan. Our talented team of LED engineers design T8 LED Tube lights with power output ranges between 9W, 18W, 22W and 24W. Go through the product specifications table to gather details related to power models, material, efficiency, lifespan, view angle, warranty, dimensions, and much more.

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As a reputed T8 LED retrofit brand, we offer advanced lighting products with secure and sturdy packaging to our customers. Every T8 LED tube & bulb is packed in a strong cardboard box with cushions and again packaged in small boxes for easy transit. Every shipment is protected by AIG insurance featuring easy and fast returns in case of damage.

In case of product damage, our customers don’t need to send broken products to get replacement. We will replace the damaged products without asking any questions.

Have a look on below chart for the better understanding of T8 LED lighting packaging process.

t8 led lights

Customization Posibility
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As a reputed brand of LED lighting industry since a decade, we provide competitive price for our T8 LED tubes and bulbs across the USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and various other regions. We have a growing network of LED lighting distributors that help us reach businesses and organizations interested in embracing eco-friendly LED lighting.

SeniorLED promises you the best T8 LED price in the marketplace. Fill the below form to connect with top LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers of China.


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