IoT Enabled LED solutions

Being top LED lighting manufacturers, we are quickly expanding our commercial, industry and IoT-enabled LED solutions catalogue to cater the evolving needs of businesses, New IoT-enabled LED solutions saves energy with motion sensing, daylight sensing, and automated time control. Browse our LED lighting catalogue to discover more details about daylight harvesting, full spectrum natural light and circadian care solution capabilities.

Human centric LED technology

We are the pioneers of full spectrum, healthy and eco-friendly LEDs technology trusted by international brands like Vestralux and LEDadvance. Our advanced wellbeing LED packaging technology brings blue light free LED, high CRI high efficiency, superior colour products rated by TM-30-18, and many more advanced indoor outdoor lighting products! Browse our catalogues to discover the future of LED lighting products.

Advanced lighting for plant growth

In the last one decade, SeniorLED has made its name amongst farmers, horticulturists, and gardening enthusiasts by offering high-end LED grow lights at factory price. Designed to speed up plant growth, our grow lights are perfect for growing flowers, plants, and also marijuana. Get in touch with top LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers to get the best bulk quote for your LED grow lighting requirements.

6 reasons why to do business with SeniorLED


A Great HHT commercial lighting Supplier (HHT=High Efficiency, High Quality, Top Value)


As experienced sellers, we are familiar with commercial installation and pain points.


Most of our LED products are insured by AIG Liability Insurance and bring product warranties that last for many years.


Guaranteed delivery time: We got 94.38% delivery on time rate in 2017


Our strict QC process covers every step of production; from the raw materials all the way to the finished product. This ensures our customers are always satisfied with the excellent standard of their LED order.


In high efficiency lighting. Our LED tubes reach 180lm /W CSA certified and we are always striving to develop more efficient products.

LED Panel Lights

Seniorled brings DLC4.2/4.3 DLC premium listed LED panel lights with up to 140lm/W & 5-7 years warranty. With total 9 strict QC processes, we guarantee that our high efficiency LED products are made of highest quality materials. Get the best LED panel light solutions for your office, store & commercial units from top LED manufacturers, suppliers & wholesalers in China.


LED Troffer Lights

Our LED troffers come with ABS case and are perfect for office and corporate lighting. With lifespan of over 50,000 hours and warranty of 5 years, our LED troffer lights are virtually zero maintenance and deliver ant-glare lighting experience. By combining long product lifespan and unmatched bulk pricing, we believe our LED lighting products are the best value in the lighting industry today.


Linear High Bay Lights

Built using aircraft aluminium, SeniorLED’s Highbay Lights (Linear type) brings air convection design and superb heat dissipation. As experienced sellers, we are familiar with commercial installation and pain points which help us evolve LED products that are tailored to the unique lighting requirements of the business owners and managers.


T8 LED Tube Lights

SeniorLED brings High efficiency T8 LED tubes with up to 190lm/W and full range of certificates including UL, cUL, DLC, DLC premium, TUV, CE, Rohs, FCC, & SAA. With products perfectly suited for American & European markets, we bring vast range of T8 LED tubes, OEM/ODM services, and customization services available. Place your order with top LED distributors for best bulk pricing.


High Bay Panel Lights

Material partners with Soul Semi, Sunsum, Vestralux, Mitsubishi, Meanwell and Nichia (High quality materials customized from Brightlux, Citizen, Philips, Longbright), our high bay panel lights bring the best quality at competitive bulk LED lighting price. Unmatched in terms of lighting quality and heat dissipation, our high bay panel lighting products are perfect for offices & commercial spaces.


UFO LED Lights

SeniorLED is one of the few global LED manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers dealing in UFO LED lights that bring emergency backup capabilities. Built using world-class daylight harvesting equipment, our UFO lights combine long life, best performance, & great pricing. We believe our products are the best value in the lighting industry today and our clients in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, and Middle East agree.


Circadian Care LED Panel Light

Introduction & Capabilities
SeniorLED has been designing advanced commercial lighting products for over a decade now. From CCT tunable panel lights to LED lighting with capabilities, SeniorLED brings the most dynamic circadian care LED tech for offices, hospitals and health care centres with new possibilities of circadian lighting to bring your vision of space to life.Circadian care lighting is perfect for healthcare facilities, offices, corporate interiors, education institutes, retail stores, and hospitality sector. Circadian care lighting features Circadian Rhythm for hospital (2700 K to 6500 K) and Productivity for office (3000 K to 5000K). Have a look at the product introduction video from SeniorLED to get acquainted with the capabilities of circadian care panel lights from top LED manufacturers and suppliers of China.