August 15, 2017

LED Light Business Opportunities – Become SeniorLED Distributor

Entrepreneurs across the USA and Canada are continuously looking for LED light business opportunities to get LED light distributorship of renowned brands and want to become part of the growing LED lighting market.

SeniorLED is quickly emerging as the popular choice of green entrepreneurs to explore LED lighting business opportunities because of the vast range of benefits we provide.

Have a look at the unique advantages we bring to aspiring LED distributors to help them establish a profitable LED business:

LED light opportunity – Business support

SeniorLED believes that LED technology will play a very crucial role in energy conservation and environment protection in the next two decades and hence has come up with friendly business opportunities for LED lightings.

Here are the unique LED distributor benefits guaranteed by SeniorLED in terms of business support:

Favorable payment terms – Our exclusive distributor agreement gives the benefit of payment terms that are perfectly suited for entrepreneurs just starting their business journey in the LED industry.

led light business opportunities

Free samples with free delivery – We understand the challenges of starting an opportunity-scarce LED light business. That’s why SeniorLED offers LED distributor plans that bring the advantage of free product samples and delivery.

Priority delivery and 24 hour tracking – For opportunity seekers who want to raise the bar of the competition in LED lighting industry, we also offer priority delivery and 24 hour tracking to ensure you can supply your demand on time.

24 hour customer service and support– Because the LED lighting sector is new to you, our team will provide 24 hour support, meaning we will answer your queries within a day. This will help you deliver a prompt service to your customers.

LED light business opportunity – Technical support

Fetching an LED light business opportunity is one thing but to become an LED brand, you need to partner with an LED manufacturing company with deep market insights. To help with the this, we provide:

Technology support: To make sure our LED distributors receive LED orders from offline as well as online channels, we offer website construction support and our team will help with every challenge associated with technology.

Images and content provision – Because buyers like to go through product catalogues and images before placing an order, we provide the best of both. In short, your LED lighting business will make a great impression from the beginning to hook those customers.

led light business opportunities

Training and insights – We don’t just provide LED light business opportunities to entrepreneurs. We offer online training to aspiring LED distributors to make sure they understand the basics of LED industry and grow their distributor business.

Product support – From warranty claims to repairs and replacements, SeniorLED handles everything on behalf of our LED lighting distributors in the USA and Canada. By joining hands with us, there are very few things to worry about.

LED light branding support 

There is a lack of Business opportunities as well as branding support in the LED lighting industry. Becoming an LED lighting distributor is not enough in the growing LED lighting industry. That’s why we offer branding support to our partner distributors and help them carve a unique identity for themselves:

Brand identity: SeniorLED helps LED light distributors in figuring out the branding elements like brochure design, and packaging to get them started in the right direction. Join hands with SeniorLED to dominate the LED market.

Distributor badge – A registered brand in the USA and Canada, SeniorLED shares its authority with LED lighting distributors by providing a distributor badge. This will give you an edge over other LED companies.

Regular support – SeniorLED’s LED light business opportunity includes regular support and assistance. From new product announcements to upcoming offers, everything is communicated to our network of LED lighting distributors in the USA, Canada, and other regions of the world. This will help you stay one step ahead of the competition!

led lighting business opportunities

Being China’s biggest LED manufacturer of power efficient LED lighting solutions, SeniorLED has come up with multiple LED lighting distributor plans and business opportunities. Check out our official Become a Distributor page to explore various LED light business opportunities and policies in detail.

SeniorLED has been active in the LED industry for over a decade now and have been continuously growing a network of LED lighting distributors across the world. Have a look at our Crunchbase profile to learn more about us or send an email to to discuss your queries about LED lighting business opportunities.

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