February 22, 2017

SeniorLED’s Collection of Premium T8 LED Tubes

SeniorLED has become an international name in manufacturing high efficiency LED tubes and lights. To cater unique needs of businesses, manufacturing units, and corporate offices, we have built a vast catalog of T8 LED tubes.

This blog will introduce you to all the T8 tubes on sale at SeniorLED and also shed light on the most important features of panel lights:


USA optimized T8 LED tube with Aluminium casing

With this product, SeniorLED brought unique advantages in terms of technology and performance. The tube has been completely upgraded and packs internal constant current driver, Japanese RUBYCON IC and single end power supply. The sturdy USA optimized T8 tube also brings aluminium casing that protects the lights from transportation damage and provides better heat dissipation. Learn more about T8 LED tube with aluminium casing


USA optimized T8 LED tube with internal heat sink

With this T8 tube, SeniorLED brings unique advantage of internal heat sink that directly adds to the performance of LED tube. Built with high lumen efficiency LED chips, these tubes are very lightweight and offer widest beam angle in the market. In addition to the heat sink technology, the USA optimized T8 tubes also bring sturdy design and protection from shock. Learn more about the USA optimized T8 tubes with heat sink technology.


Nano plastic LED tubes

This LED tube from SeniorLED’s catalog is an epitome of strength. The nano plastic can not only survive a 2M drop but also evades discoloring and ageing better than other LED tubes and lights in the market. As Shenzhen based company, we supply LED tubes and products to big brands like Samsung and Home Depot. Learn more about nano plastic LED tubes and how they are different from others in the market.


CE approved LED fluorescent tube    

The TUV and CE approved LED florescent tubes are competitively priced without any compromise in terms of quality. With lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, the LED tubes bring true value for money along with superior chip technology and environment friendly nature. Check out the product page to learn more about the CE approved LED florescent tubes from top LED manufacturer and supplier of China.


AUS and NZ optimized LED T8 tube lights

SeniorLED supplies and distributes lighting products across the world after customizing them as per local fixture and quality standards. These T8 LED tubes pack heat sink technology and bring SAA approvals to guarantee protection from electric shocks. Made from high lumen efficiency LED chips, they are also half the weight of other LED tubes manufactured by China based manufacturers. Learn more about the AUS and NZ T8 LED tubes

When it comes to LED tubes and panel lights, SeniorLED has become synonymous to modern LED technology and unmatched after-sales support in China. Send an email at to discuss your LED requirements with us.


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