June 20, 2016

LED Tube Lights – Complete Catalogue and Buying Guidelines from SeniorLED

LED tube lights are becoming the most popular lighting product for office buildings and commercial hubs. There are many reasons for that. LED lights are environmentally friendly. They last a very long time, even outlasting their CFL competitors. They don’t have to be replaced as often which means less bulbs adding to the landfills. They don’t flicker or make buzzing noises that get extremely annoying. Also, they use less energy which in turn, lowers electric bills.

These advantages have added to the demand of LED tube lights across the world. Looking at the same, SeniorLED expanded its catalog of LED tube lights to cater the global demand. Let’s have a look at the LED lighting products that have the biggest demand in the global market:

Browsing LED tube lights

50 inch LED light bar 

Deployed at railway stations, power stations, power grids, factories, and coal mines, the sturdy lighting product from SeniorLED is water proof, dust proof, and explosion proof. With UL, cUL, CE, CB, SAA and DLC certifications, the LED light brings amazing dimming, emergency battery, and sensor control capabilities. Learn more about 50 inch LED light bar from top LED suppliers of China.

T8 LED tubes

Since every country has unique safety parameters and lighting standards, SeniorLED brings customized T8 LED tubes that bring unique capabilities. For instance, USA optimized T8 LED lights bring aluminium case and come with the warranty of 5 years. Australia and New Zealand optimized LED T8 tube lights on the other hand bring great heat dissipation performance and unbreakable properties.

T8 LED grow lights

To cater global horticulture and cultivation needs, SeniorLED built high-end T8 LED grow lights that have lifespan of 35000 hours, short-circuit protection, low electromagnetic radiation, and great lit surface area. SeniorLED’s T8 grow lights have huge demand in the USA, Canada, Middle East, and Asia for their unique power saving properties. Learn more about the product.

T5/T6 LED tubes, TUV/CE T8 LED tubes, and T8 LED tubes with nano plastic casing are other LED tube lights in SeniorLED’s catalogue.

Now that we are done listing the best LED tube lights on offer by SeniorLED, let’s learn how to import best LED lighting products from China:

Find reputed LED supplier

When thinking about importing LED tube lights, conduct a thorough search to discover the best LED suppliers in your chosen location. A reputed LED supplier of LED tube lights will produce a warranty backed product. When you find a suitable price, ensure that the product is warranted and comes from an experienced LED supplier.

Confirm unmatched support

A genuine LED manufacturer or supplier will provide customer support at any time, whether it is day or night. There should be multiple ways to contact them, should you have inquiries or concerns about the product. You should be able to find a phone number, fax number, e-mail or normal mailing address and even an online chat feature. If a supplier is difficult to connect with, they are likely not the ones producing the best product.

Determine LED light quality

Make sure that your LED lighting product fulfills quality and market norms. For example, the lens should be polycarbonate and have high shock resistance along with low working temperature. Low working temperature means that the tube does not get dangerously hot when in use, unlike some other light bulbs that have been manufactured in the past. In addition, LED tube lights should not contain harmful chemicals such as mercury, unlike fluorescent lighting.

Look through the product specifications before making any commitment to purchasing T8 LED tubes even if they are the best price you can find. When browsing LED tube lights, it is good to keep in mind you get what you pay for. Learn about SeniorLED’s QC process that delivers best LED bulbs and lights.

Cost considerations

Power bill is a major cost for companies that have large office buildings with several floors that are operating all day and night. A lower electric bill lowers expenses in the long run, which is always a good thing for businesses, big or small. Finally, LED lights are modern and give a modern feel to an office.

T8 LED tubes are an environmentally friendly alternative to old fluorescent lights and that is why they have the biggest demand in growing markets. If you are looking to stock your store shelves with T8 LED tube lights, find a supplier that produces top quality LED tube lights that come with warranty.

Want to learn more? Check out our commerical LED buying guide published at LEDinside or send an email at to connect with us!

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