CE approved LED panel light

1. Our LED light panel use High-qualified diffusion plate by PMMA materials of optical grade, providing a more even light and no flare after long-term use.
2. High-qualified CE approved constant current power supply, fast start, no flicker, PF>0.9, low power loss, higher luminous efficacy, highly cost-effective.
3. Guaranteed accurate technical data in our brochure and data sheets. Zero exaggeration.
4. We offer 3 years warranty, and full support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs or replacements.
Supply Ability:50,000pcs / Month
Payment Terms:TT / LC / OA / Paypal / West Union
Shipping Port:Shenzhen
Min.Order Quantity:100pcs (Sample and test order available)

SKU: LED Chips Source:SMD 2835 Epistar IP Rating: IP54-3 Category:
General Details

Benifits of LED Light Panels

LED light panels from SeniorLED have impressive appearance and zero dark spaces. The LED product also handles the issue of dazzling glare and offers uniform light and soft, bright and glare-free light-emitting effect on surface lamp-house. Our LED panel lights illuminates in uniformity and lights softly. This makes it the first choice of businesses for LED recessed lighting.

The LED light panels have easy installation and steady performance, lower maintenance features,recessed; Suspended & surface-mounted

  • Due to good structural design for heat dissipation and light emitting on sides, it can dissipate heat quickly, housing temperature less than 20 degree, which will extend the life span of the entire light
  • With good shock resistance and durability, it can not easily damaged during transportation or application

Wide input voltage range, it can be used universally

Ultra-Thin and Light

  • SeniorLED Panels Light is ultra thin, light, and also flexible. These characteristics allow designers to create much more creative shapes than other lighting products

Long Lifetime

  • SeniorLED panel lights have reached 30,000 hours of lifespan over the years which are way higher than all luminance options. This means that your LED recessed lights will not require frequent replacements and hassles. They will keep on running for many years without any glitch.

Low-carbon and energy-saving products, its nice-looking appearance suits to a wide use in various fields, everyone can enjoy comfortable lighting whilst improving our environment.

LED recessed lights and panel lights from SeniorLED don’t have mercury and make zero negative impact on the environment. In addition to that, it also doesn’t give away radiation, UV, or any other harmful rays. It is the perfect LED lighting solution for residential as well as commercial spaces.


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