November 21, 2017

Why use Circadian Lighting for Workplace Wellbeing?

The effects of lighting on circadian cycle have been outlined in a report by the American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Science and Public Health, revealing how most LED and fluorescent lights used in workplaces are harmful for health due to their high blue wavelength, which triggers higher alertness and productivity during the day but deregulates the circadian cycle at night.

A circadian light bulb produces bioactive circadian white light which regulates Circadian rhythms and improves overall productivity. Circadian lighting basically controls the blue light wavelength, which is disastrous for health in long term, and reduces the chances of harmful disorders such as heart diseases, obesity, depression, and sleep disorders.

Top LED manufacturers like SeniorLED specialize in circadian light bulbs that are tailored to strengthen productivity and overall well-being. But awareness about the benefits of circadian lighting is still very limited. Hence, SeniorLED has decided to share the many benefits of employing circadian lighting in your office premises.

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Here are the major health benefits of using circadian lighting in the workplace:

Circadian lighting boosts productivity

According to a study that measured the impact of blue wavelength light, office workers exposed to low blue wavelength light performed 10 to 25% better than their counterparts. Workers exposed to high blue wavelength content reported increased fatigue and decreased overall speed in performance.

Multiple studies have also proved that circadian lighting increases functionality, efficiency and boosts work performance. This is the reason why organizations across the world are switching to circadian lighting.

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Circadian lighting balances circadian rhythms ­

Circadian lighting bulbs are designed with circadian rhythms in mind. By regulating our circadian cycle, the futuristic lighting products prevent health problems such as sleep disorders, fatigue, depression, etc. Exposure to circadian light at night results in better sleep and uninterrupted circadian cycle.

As the top LED suppliers in China, our focus has always been on delivering healthy light bulbs, and circadian lighting fits perfectly into our vision.

Circadian light bulbs increases mind recall

When circadian rhythms are in harmony, the bodily functions perform in perfect alignment which in turns improves brain performance. Traditional lighting tech and their blue light content exert the mind, which leads to slower memory performance. This is one of the biggest reasons why business owners and managers are pushing for healthy lighting.

Circadian light bulbs improves sleep & mood

In 2000 Integra Survey, 65% of workers acknowledged workplace stress and over 10% acknowledged struggling with it. While sleep deprivation is one of the biggest contributors to the problem of stress, behavioral cues also add to it. Besides regulating the circadian cycle, circadian lighting also influences mood functions. Higher intensity of circadian light exposure results in positive emotions and enhanced mood functions.

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Circadian lighting improves cognitive functions

Several studies have demonstrated that circadian lighting improves cognitive behavior and helps complete cognitive tasks faster by increasing activity in a specific region of the brain. This directly maximizes the brain’s involvement during cognitive tasks.

Global LED manufacturers are developing circadian LED lighting products which are being used in offices, hospitals, schools, healthcare center, and corporate spaces across the world.

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Contact for circadian lighting solutions

SeniorLED is one of the most renowned LED suppliers, bringing innovative LED solutions in healthy & wellbeing lighting. With advanced LED manufacturing infrastructure, rigorous QC processes, and focus on innovation, SeniorLED has become one of the top circadian light bulb manufacturers & suppliers in the world.

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