January 30, 2019

Clothing Store Lighting – Impact & Usage Tips For More Sales

Research has revealed that by implementing proper store lighting techniques, clothing brands have improved product sales. In clothing stores across the world, modern LED lighting has played a key role in attracting walkins and raising sales.

Proper selection and arrangement of lighting not only makes your store appealing to customers but also gives it a soothing ambience. Here’s how modern LED clothing store lighting will generate value for your business:

Clothing store lighting – Impact & aspects

Knowing the basics & impact of lighting will help you make changes that will improve overall store experience and improve business. Let us see how:

*Just like dim lighting hinders color judgement, overly lit clothing stores overpower products. The right amount of lighting will bring out the best features of your apparels and help buyers analyze the product correctly.

*Lighting angles play a critical role in product display and brings out the best in them. Your clothing shop lighting should get the right lighting angles so that it maintains a harmony between the store and product.

*Lighting affects the overall visual appeal of your store and influences customers thoughts too. Warmth in lighting soothes visitors’ mood, making them relaxed and comfortable in the surroundings.

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Now that we have become familiar with some of the most basic apparel shop lighting aspects, let’s learn how to get store lighting perfect!

clothing store lighting

Apparel shop lighting tips & ideas

Researches have proved that lighting effects cognitive purchase behaviour and our visual sense. Therefore, the right clothing store lighting can play a crucial role in attracting store footfalls.

Check out  some essential tips and ideas for illuminating your clothing store successfully:

*Maintain a contrast surrounding rather than evenly lighting the entire store. It will attract the customers to the products sections where you want them to browse.

*Prefer vertical LED lighting over horizontal lights. It gives the customers a clear view of your store layout.

*Temperature ranging between 3000-4000K is very effective when displaying apparels. It gives the customers a feel of warmth and familiarity.

*Use of accent lighting is a good option. It focuses on a particular product and helps in avoiding unnecessary attention to other details.

*Make sure that you have LED lighting in the low corners too. Customer will only linger to the lower shelf if they are highlighted.


Why LEDs for your clothing store?

LED lights have huge advantages over incandescent bulbs in terms of efficiency, performance, and durability. They save upto 80 percent more energy as compared to conventional lights. The best thing about LEDs is that they can be fully incorporated in modern architectural structures. Here are some more benefits of  modern LED lighting:

*Long life span and durability.

*Growing industry specific catalogues of LED lights

*Luminosity of LEDs are better than bulbs and CFLs.

*More energy efficient in comparison to traditional lighting alternatives.


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Buy modern clothing store lighting

The statement, ‘First impression is the last impression’ is 100% true when it comes to apparel market.  Global businesses are taking every human sense into account to achieve business objectives. Treating the customer eyes plays a key role in clothing store business, and hence modern lighting techniques ought to be adopted to attract potential customers and fetch more sales.

At SeniorLED, we create efficient and eco-friendly indoor-outdoor LED lighting products that contain zero mercury and promote overall well being. Healthy lighting is what we specialize in and incorporate the same in most of our LED products.

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