October 3, 2018

Best Commercial Lighting Manufacturers – Top Qualities & Features

Being a leading commercial lighting manufacturer and supplier, we have seen the LED industry evolve over years. While focus was on minimal price one decade ago, the demand of LED is driven currently by efficiency and performance. We are supplier of Panasonic & Kodak Lighting US, and focused on vast range of elements to emerge as the top commercial lighting manufacturer of the world.

In this post, we will share qualities, best practices, and strategies we worked with in last decade to earn the badge of top indoor commercial lighting supplier. Also shared are LED light testing procedures, quality checks and mandates that help us deliver best lighting solutions to our global LED clients. Have a look!

High quality components

Top quality components have always been our top priority. Like other top commercial lighting manufacturers and suppliers, we use high quality components that make our LED lights last long, power efficient, and brighter. Top quality materials like LM80 Epistar Chip, Aluminium case, and constant voltage drivers are used in the production of LEDs. This gives our LED products unmatched durability and appeal.

Commercial Lighting Manufacturers

Quality control process

After production, every LED product goes through a strict quality control process.  The quality inspection makes sure that our every LED lighting product meets global quality standards and passes international safety certifications. Our team of LED engineers have deployed a comprehensive array of quality control checks to ensure product safety and efficiency. Full operation check under varying voltages, electrical performance test, photometric parameter test, color parameter test, IES test, ageing test, and drop test are part of our QC process.

Learn more about our quality control process which helps us retain the position of best commercial lighting manufacturers in the world.

Product certification

As a leading LED lighting company, we pay the highest regard to security certifications and adhere to safety certification directives put into place by government bodies all over the world. Because security guidelines vary from country to country, we design custom lighting products to fit every safety need.

Majority of our products are certified by CE, EMC, and ROH. Product certifications help us ascertain that our LED lighting solution adheres to regulations and standards addressing safety, quality and other product characteristics.

Commercial Lighting Manufacturers

Production capabilities

As a leading commercial lighting supplier, we are capable of delivering a huge demand of LED lights.  We are capable of supplying almost 10,000,00 pieces of T8 LED tube in a month. While production capability varies from product to product, we try our best to light up every commercial space and continuously enhance our production capabilities by investing in better machinery. And yes, our component suppliers are strongly established and are capable of supporting us with any demand.

Huge product catalogue

SeniorLED is at the forefront of innovation in lighting industry and has been continuously growing its commercial product catalogue. Our vast catalogue brings vast range of indoor and outdoor commercial LED products that raise the bar of energy efficiency, performance, and durability. Our indoor & outdoor lights catalogue includes LED panel lights, T8 LED tubes, LED freezer lights, T8 LED tubes with sensor, LED Corn lights, LED UFO lights, LED Linear lights, LED flood lights, LED tri proof lights, LED street bulbs, LED shoebox lights and much more.

Commercial Lighting Manufacturers

AIG insurance & packaging

Since international product shipment comes with safety concerns, SeniorLED has gone to great lengths to address the same. Our every LED product is secured with AIG insurance during transit and hence comes with added security cover. But Product Liability Insurance is not something we rely upon completely. We try our best to minimize the damage by becoming extra cautious in terms of packaging.

To further protect the delicate commercial LED lighting products, we use specialized custom packaging material. Wooden boxes, individual packaging, cushions, and various other measures are taken to protect our high quality LED products.

Warranty and replacements

Like major commercial LED lighting suppliers, SeniorLED wants its clients to have an unforgettable product sourcing experience. That’s why we offer product warranty of more than 3 years for most products and are more than glad to make replacements if our LED lights fail to deliver. The complete product replacement process is fast and secure.

Our global clients don’t need to send back damage products for getting replacements. This is the reason why our global clients keep buying from us again and again.

While above qualities and features helped us emerge as top commercial lighting manufacturer and supplier, we are way more than them. Our focus of client support and continuous innovation helps us stay ahead of other LED suppliers active in competitive global lighting market.

Are you interested in advanced commercial LED lighting and need the best bulk price? Email us at to discuss your indoor and outdoor commercial lighting requirement with us. We guarantee the best bulk price!

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