December 28, 2017

Corporate Lighting & Healthy Bulbs FAQs – SeniorLED Answers

Various studies over the past few years have helped in furthering the shift to healthy corporate lighting. A notable team of researchers found that high blue light emitted by traditional LED lights can cause irreparably damage to the cells in the retina. The retina being the most sensitive tissue which cannot regrow once damaged.

Unlike traditional LED lights, healthy light bulbs & corporate lighting technology use low blue light wavelength that mimic sunlight wavelength spectrum and have the same beneficial effects as natural sunlight on humans.

Being the top corporate lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, SeniorLED answers questions related to healthiest lighting cost, performance, and benefits on a regular basis. In this post, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions related to corporate lighting, wellbeing LEDs, healthiest bulbs, circadian lights, & sunlight light bulbs.

Here are the most frequently asked questions!

Are healthy light bulbs really better than traditional LED lights?

Yes, the major upgrade that makes healthy light bulbs better than age-old LED bulbs is low blue light technology. Blue light contains a high bioactive blue wavelength content that is dangerous for humans. Long term exposure of blue light emitted by old technology LED lights can cause irreversible damage to eyes and overall health. So, healthy light bulbs check the blue light content and deliver a healthy lighting experience.

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Is it worth installing healthy corporate lighting in our office?

It’s absolutely worth it! According to American Society of Interior Design studies, 68% of employees complain about their office lighting, which eventually makes them less productive. Researches have shown that employees that are exposed to health focused corporate lighting performed 20% better than their counterparts. The main benefits include increased productivity, less fatigue, and overall wellbeing.

I want to buy healthy corporate lighting but don’t know where to buy them?

Very few renowned LED manufacturers are investing in R&D related to healthy lighting and building futuristic LED products. This is the biggest reason behind smaller global reach of healthy light bulbs. China is the biggest hub of LED manufacturing in the world and a lot of Chinese companies are also leading the way in healthy corporate lighting. So, it’s obviously is the best place to buy the healthiest corporate lights for your office.

corporate lightingI want to import healthy light bulbs for my office to the USA. What are the import duties like?

Answer – Import duties are charged when your cargo exceeds $200. The average rate of import duties on healthy LED lights ranges from 10 to 12%. In addition, there are other charges that importers from USA need to pay, such as a harbor maintenance fee, which is 0.125% and a merchandise processing fee, which is 0.3464% of total cargo.

For more information about import duties on LED lights, check out this Quora answer

I use traditional LED lights and want to install healthy lighting in my office and house. Are healthy light bulbs affordable?

Affordability varies from supplier to supplier. While some charge a premium price for the healthiest LED lighting, LED manufacturers & suppliers like SeniorLED bring huge cost benefits – especially with bulk purchases – for business owners and corporations. We make sure that consumers get world class quality healthy LED light bulbs at a competitive price.

safe light bulbsThe healthy lighting industry seems promising. How can I be a part of it?

As a registered brand in the USA and Canada, SeniorLED has been manufacturing and supplying healthy LED lighting products for more than a decade now. Besides a vast portfolio of healthy light bulbs, circadian lights, mood lights, safe lights, reading bulbs, and corporate lighting, we bring the promise of strict QC processes, CSA certification, transit infrastructure, easy returns, and unmatched support.
To help entrepreneurs who want to become part of the lighting business, we have a LED lighting distribution plan in place. Check it out here.

Didn’t find answer to your question in our list of questions? Drop an email at or call at (+86) 139 6488 0018 to get in touch with SeniorLED team. We would be more than pleased to answer your healthy corporate lighting questions!

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