March 28, 2016

DLC published the first official version of 4.0 standard draft and revised plan for LED lighting at 19th Feb 2016

What is the effect for DLC listed LED lighting factories after DLC listed published the first official version of 4.0 standard draft?

For American time 19th Feb 2016, DLC published the first official version of 4.0 standard draft and revised plan LED lighting . Before 18th Mar 2016, DLC listed LED lighting factory can submit their opinions and suggestions of subsidy level, cost increases, optics control and references to DLC.

For a long time, Chinese LED lighting factory view accessing the US market as like they are stepping out onto the lighting industry’s world stage, embracing international status and conquering the strategic position. LED (GGII) survey data shows that the amount of lighting products which Chinese enterprises export to the US in 2015 was $2.33 billion, with a year on year growth of 43%, increasing the markets size dramatically.

Based on the example of the leading Chinese LED lighting factory, SeniorLED, during 2015 the company’s overseas revenue mainly came from the US market.

However, the high standard and the large forward investment needed to enter into US market, means domestic enterprises have enormous pressure. Overall the north American market have higher accessing standards and stricter market supervision, making it much more difficult for the domestic LED enterprises to enter this market. The US market accessing standards appear to be the hardest in the world.

“The US DOE, EPA, FTC and other institutions, enforcing harder access rules and requirements for lighting lamps and lanterns, not only focus on product quality and performance requirements, but also completing the market supervision requirements.” LTL chairman Nie Pengxiang stated that if following the DLC4.0 luminous efficacy standard, more than 50% of the current LED lights, which domestic enterprises export to North America, do not conform to the requirements.

“In fact, for Chinese DLC listed LED lighting factory who focus on quality, it is not very hard to reach the DLC 4.0 requirements”SeniorLED, general manager of China, Ma Fang Da (Rocky) said. The DLC 4.0 is not a compulsory standard to pass, however passing the DLC 4.0 standard can bring government subsidies and enhanced competitiveness of products in the non-household usage of lighting sector.

Yet, if the products are not DLC listed but instead UL certified, they can also be sold in the US domestic lighting market, which is still of considerable size. Therefore in Ma Fang Da’s opinion, the publishing of DLC 4.0 wont have much impact on the Chinese LED lighting factory exports.

SeniorLED sales director Fang Qi Jie (Jet) also agrees.”At present, a lot of our customers are coming from the US market, but most of them are concentrated in the general lighting market. The publishing of DLC 4.0, has little impact on us. Our LED chips luminous efficacy can already do more than 110 lm. If the customer needs DLC 4.0 certification, we can optimize the device design and control the cost of the devices, but such requests are quite few in number”.

In accordance with the planning requirements, DLC 4.0 will take effect on 1st Jan 2017, in order to provide DLC listed LED lighting factory enough time to complete the transition. For Chinese DLC listed LED lighting factory who persist in innovation, focus on improving product quality and complete the luminous efficacy upgrade it is not a difficult transition to take. The real difficulty however is controlling the cost within a reasonable range. Collaboration of the whole industry appears very necessary.

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