January 11, 2017

Earthquake-Proof LED Flat Panel Hook

Ceiling lights may cause damage or injury in earthquake-prone areas. This includes LED flat-panels, and with some units weighing more than 15 pounds, the danger of an accident if someone is underneath the unit is ever-present. Preventative steps are of high importance.

  • What is an Earthquake-Proof Hook?
    It is made from an Aluminium Alloy. The devices need to be mounted in the back board of the panel light. During installation they need to stand and hook with the ceilings.

earthquake proof light

  • Why do we need to use this device?
    During an earthquake the building and ceilings may shake. This may cause the lights to fall and cause injury. The frame of flat panel lights are made of an Aluminium Alloy which is hard, easily causing damage if it falls. But if we fixed the lights with the safety kits, then the risk will be reduced significantly.
  • Will SeniorLED charge for this mounting kit?
    SeniorLED cares about every customers’ safety, so we pre-install Earthquake-proof LED Flat Panel hook on our products for extra stability.
    And we are going to give a NO to this question. Providing safe products is our biggest responsibility and obligations.

earthquake proof hook

Standard Configuration:

2x2ft panel lights with 4pcs hook

1x4ft&2x4ft lights with 6pcs hook


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