June 14, 2017

LED Emergency Lights for Buildings –New From SeniorLED

SeniorLED has a reputation for product innovation, and continuously produces unique and revolutionary LED lighting products built to meet market needs. After in-depth market research and analysis, our capable team of LED engineers have developed LED emergency lights for buildings. Our LED emergency lights with built-in battery backup contain a test switch that is assembled directly into the device. The innovative LED emergency lights ensure no additional expenses for the installation of walled switches.

LED ememergency lights for buildings

Here are some other impressive features that make our specially designed LED emergency lights stand out:

*  Built with international safety standards in mind

*  Promise of flicker free lighting

*  Low ripple and noise for best LED lighting experience

*  Features like intelligent emergency automatic detection

*  Product warranty of over 5 years

*  Main power and emergency protections

*  Easy installation and deployment

Have a look at our detailed product introduction guide to gather more details about LED emergency  lights for buildings from SeniorLED:

With vast portfolio of innovative LED lighting products, emergency lights for buildings with battery backups and entirely new range of revolutionary products like Circadian lights, Human centric lights, and healthy lighting, SeniorLED has gained well deserved global recognition in recent years. We have become a promising brand in the global LED market and are one of the most preferred suppliers with highly advanced production line, unmatched product quality, best after-sales support and AIG insurance promise.

Consumers can reach us at (+86) 139 6488 0018 or can send an email to to inquire about LED emergency lights for buildings or healthy LED lighting products.

SeniorLED has sheer presence on Quora and been praised numerous times for product quality and continuous innovation, Check it out

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  1. A great product to introduce in the market. Emergency LED panel lights are much needed lights, these are rechargeable and battery stays longer than 120 mins during the use and also dimmable. This product with these kind of safety measures are really reliable. Also 5 year warranty for Emergency LED panel lights is also impressive and to spend on this kind of product is affordable.
    Thank you for the product.

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