May 16, 2017

Explosion Proof LED Lights – SeniorLED’s Safety Innovation

Harsh zones like coal mines, metal factories, power stations, power grids, and factory workshops have unique lighting needs. Because traditional lighting products made of fragile glass materials simply won’t do in such environments, SeniorLED’s team of experienced engineers and designing experts came up with specially designed explosion proof LED lights.

Built from extensive study of physically demanding work spaces, explosion proof LED lights from SeniorLED bring a vast range of advantages for businesses. That’s why LED products from SeniorLED have a global demand and rich client base in the USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East, and South America.

Let’s have a look at the features that make explosion proof LED lighting fixtures from SeniorLED the best in the industry:

SeniorLED’s Explosion Proof LED Lights Features

Nature Proofing

LED lighting products that operate in rough environments need to be built with extra strength and durability. That’s why SeniorLED makes explosion proof LED lighting products that are dust proof and water proof. Fiberglass housing with anti-aging, high temperature resistance and anti-corrosion properties play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of LED lights and tubes even in outdoor conditions.

Superb Design and Capabilities

SeniorLED is known for raising the bar of LED lighting products in terms of design and innovation. Our explosion proof LED lights boast an optimal heat radiation design which guarantees quick heat dissipation and minimum light attenuation. The diffuser comes with double seal fences (IP66 Protection) and an optical design for longer performance. SeniorLED has 100% confidence in its heavy duty LED products and hence promises a 5 year warranty (product replacement without the need to return faulty products)

explosion proof led lights

Product Innovation

SeniorLED is a big believer of product innovation and always strives to enhance the capabilities of its LED products. With our explosion proof LED lighting fixtures, we have accomplished this by adding an emergency battery, a dimming feature, and a microwave sense control. Such add-ons distinguish us from other LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers in Chinese and global markets. SeniorLED has revolutionized the LED market in the last decade, and all the credit goes to our commitment to innovation.

Unique Advantages

Very few LED companies in China can match SeniorLED in terms of product quality and efficiency but this doesn’t stop us from going the extra mile to satisfy our global clients. Our team uses special packaging to guarantee the safety of our LED products during shipment. Our team of LED engineers also ensure easy and safe installation so that our clients don’t have to bear additional installation costs.

explosion proof led lights

SeniorLED understands the importance of workplace safety which is what encouraged us to build futuristic explosion proof LED light bars and other innovative LED products. This could be the major reason why our products have tasted global success and have become a common sight at railway stations, coal mines, metal factories, power stations, power grids, factory workshops, vessels, and harbors, and also widely recommended on Quora.

SeniorLED is also known for manufacturing power saving explosion proof LED lights, T8 LED tubesgrow lights, sunlight light bulbs and High Bay Lights. In the last couple of years, SeniorLED has also made its name as healthy lighting manufacturer and supplier.

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  1. Congratulations on creating such an innovative explosion proof lighting! I think you have kept all the safety measures in mind which is really important for workplaces like mines, factories, and power. Safety of workers and professionals in harsh working conditions depends on the quality of explosion proof lighting. I have used your LED panel lights and the reading bulbs. I was satisfied with your latest innovations in the LED lightings and will certainly recommend it for some of my clients.

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