February 14, 2017

Here’s What Flat Panel Lights With Best Lifespan Have in Common

The luminaire of a flat panel light consist of a Diffusor plate, a Light Guide plate, Reflective paper, EVA, LED Strips, a backboard and an aluminum frame. The arrangement has been shown in the image below:

But which part do you think decides the flat panel’s lifespan? How does it age after years of usage? To find realistic answers, our team planned a market research trip to the USA and walked into a big supermarket in the USA. Below is a collage of the photos we took:

Taken on 15 April, 2016, the lighting products had large yellow spots on the surface. Of course customers didn’t like it.

Why the problem with flat panel lights?

Normally, a Light Guide Plate is an acrylic panel typically made from pure PMMA resin. PMMA is extremely transparent, light transmission can reach 92%. On the bottom of the panel a matrix of lines can be etched, dots can be printed, a combination of both, or particulates are added into the panel itself. The purpose of all methods is to direct light out the front.

But there is an another material which has a similar appearance and function which is called PS, it can easily turn yellow when under high temperature conditions. There is a significant difference between PMMA and PS materials – PS is much cheaper. Flat panel light with a PS guide plate will see a color change in just half a year. While customers suffer, LED suppliers profit from creating and selling panel lights with PS materials.

Below are real pictures of panel lights built with PS light guide plate after 6 months of use. PD plates are popular in the market because of its low price. As you can see, the PS material has turned yellow and has acquired dark spots. This decreases the power conversion efficiency and also the appearance of the lighting.

Below images show our panel lighting build using PMMA light guide plates after 6 months of usage. PMMA materials have the advantage of anti-aging and higher light transmittance in comparison to the PS material.

The plate color and light transmittance will stay clear and bright with little change even after several years of use.

In fact, SeniorLED provides 5-year warranty of no color change when you choose our LED panel lights. Our commitment to top quality LED manufacturing has helped us become the top distributor and supplier of China.

Send us an email at to discuss your lighting requirements with our team of engineers.

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  1. Thanks for the outstanding advice. It really is useful.

  2. I found it interesting how LED flat panels with PMMA materials were found to retain a better light than those with PS materials. My garage is pretty dark and I was thinking that LED panels would be a nice touch to lighting up the area. While I am looking in the market, I will be sure to look for something that has PMMA material.

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