November 7, 2017

Healthy Light Bulbs- Future of Home & Office Lighting

The interest around healthy light bulbs has increased because of a growing media coverage and of course imperial scientific evidence. According to recent data publications, healthy lighting improves mental and memory functions by up to 25 percent furthermore increasing overall productivity by 23 percent.

Healthy light bulbs have proven positive effects on humans which include increased productivity, higher energy levels, and improved overall well-being. That’s why they are fast replacing traditional lighting bulbs in health centers, workplaces, and schools. But still, most LED manufacturers & suppliers – unlike SeniorLED – haven’t shifted their focus to healthy lighting solutions.

Let’s first shed some light on the harmful outcomes of using traditional lighting solutions at your home and workplace:

Traditional LED lighting – Adverse effects

Blue lighting in traditional LED bulbs (absent in healthy LED lighting products) is known for disrupting circadian cycle which not only results in sleep difficulties but also triggers issues related to performance, concentration, and vision. Traditional lighting products used in schools, offices, homes, and public spaces continuously impacts eye health and hence the need of healthy lighting solutions is sorely needed.

The Australian National University revealed that exposure to blue and fluorescent light for over 45 hours in a week increases risk of cataract, pterygium and other eye disorders. It has also been found that women working overnight under traditional lighting have been subject to a higher possibility of heart diseases, breast cancer and other health related disorders.

Documenting health risks associated with bad lighting will take a long time but let’s just conclude by stating that exposure to optical radiation negatively impacts psychology and the environment as well.

Health risks associated with bad lighting is one of the reasons SeniorLED decided to enter the wellbeing lighting market with its growing portfolio of healthy LED lighting products.

Healthy light bulbs – Advantages galore

Effects of healthy LED lighting have been widely documented in multiple surveys and researches that involved house workers and office employees. The findings clearly state that healthy light bulbs and lighting solutions result in improved performance, concentration and overall wellbeing. Top LED manufacturers also ensure that healthy lighting solutions delivered by them will reduce electricity bills (up to a 70 to 80% reduction) and safeguard the environment. As the leading health lighting company in China, SeniorLED is driven by the same goals when manufacturing health light bulbs.

healthy light bulbsMillions of incandescent bulbs still light homes, offices, factories, hospitals, and public spaces across the world. While the singular effects are not massive if we think at a global level, they are certainly making a big impact to the environment. It is time for all of us to do our bit by switching to non-toxic LED lights.

Healthy LED Lighting – A Bright Future

According to Markets & Markets research, the global LED lighting market is expected to value more than 90 billion dollars in 5 years. No wonder leading LED manufacturing and distribution companies are focusing on capturing these emerging markets. SeniorLED however is driven by a vision of homes and offices that operating under healthy LED lighting.

As one of the most progressive LED manufacturing companies in China, we are continuously working on developing innovative healthy lighting products for homes and offices. With our focus on LED innovation, energy efficiency, and product lifespan, we are quickly emerging as the most prominent LED manufacturer & supplier in the world dealing in healthy lighting solutions.

Global market has already seen our technological expertise in the low blue LED bulbs and Reading Bulbs. Now, we want to make a bigger impact in the global LED market by expanding our catalog of healthy LED lighting products to cover indoor lighting, workplace lighting, and outdoor lighting.

healthy LED lighting

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A registered brand in the USA and Canada, SeniorLED has been manufacturing and distributing advanced LED lighting products for more than a decade now. After gaining global recognition for manufacturing power efficient LED lighting products, we plan on dominating the healthy LED lighting market with futuristic LED products.

Drop an email to or call (+86) 139 6488 0018 to discuss your requirements of healthy and non-toxic light bulbs. Follow us on Slideshare for product brochures, LED buying guides, and much more!





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