February 7, 2018

Healthy & Wellbeing LED Lighting – Proven Benefits

In the past decade, many studies have proven the positive effect of healthy lighting products on well-being. However, the findings are scattered all over the internet and could be difficult to find. That’s why SeniorLED has taken the time to gather healthy lighting data and facts from all the major studies conducted in recent years.

Read on to discover the major benefits of health and wellbeing lighting products along with reports on deployment in varied industries:

Heschong findings on healthy lighting

In 2003, Heschong conducted an extensive study on the impact of healthy & well-being focused lighting on participants and found that 25% reported improvement in mental functions and memory. In addition to that, 23% reported improvements in productivity. This is the reason why global organizations are opting for healthy corporate lighting products for their new offices.

Wellbeing lighting in health facilities

Hospitals and wellness establishments across the world are recognizing the benefits of human centric lighting and are using it with patients struggling with chronic diseases. While a German dementia clinic is running healthy lighting driven trials to improve patient wellbeing, researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that human centric lighting benefits Alzheimer patients.

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Cities and nations embrace LED lighting

As we said, awareness about the benefits of healthy lighting and also LED lighting in general has gone up. Hence, hearing that city administrations and governments are embracing LED lighting doesn’t come as a surprise. Calgary, a Canadian city, recently replaced 80k street lights with LED bulbs to trigger $5M savings. There are many other similar examples where local governments are switching to LED lighting because they are simply the better choice. The Example of Los Angeles is also noteworthy.

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ASID employees report wellbeing

The American Society of Interior Designers conducted a study involving its Washington, D.C staff and studied the impact of newly installed circadian lighting. 25% of employees reported improvements in their sleep quality and overall wellness. Since modern LED lighting also comes with power saving capabilities, the research noted that savings of $7,636 were made over a period of 15 months, not to mention the huge cuts in CO2 emissions.

In 2022, the total LED lighting market will cross USD 92 Billion in terms of value. The growth is driven mainly by increasing awareness about the efficiency of healthy lighting products and wellbeing benefits of healthy lighting products.

Buy Healthy Wellbeing Lighting

From families to businesses, everyone has recognized the vast range of benefits delivered by healthy lighting products and wellbeing lighting solutions. But very few companies are catering to the growing demand of healthy lighting products. With our advanced production line distinguished by 5 sets of full-automatic YAMAHA SMD auto chip mounters, SeniorLED is catering to the global demand by manufacturing over 30,000 top quality LED pcs every month.

Email or call (+86) 139 6488 0018 to discuss your wellbeing lighting requirements with our top team of Chinese LED manufacturers and suppliers. Follow us on Issuu for LED buying guides, product brochures, company updates, and much more.






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