December 7, 2018

Workplace LED Light Buying Guide – 5 Things to Consider

Are you planning to switch to LED lighting fixtures in your office? If yes, then, this workplace LED light buying guide is for you! LED lights are in great demand owing to their long term benefits and power saving capabilities but LED lighting fixtures are now available in so much variety that it has become difficult to choose the ones best suited for office.

To help you select the right LED lights for workplace, we have made a list of points to be taken into consideration before you make a decision. Read on and learn how to buy LED light for office!

Don’t let upfront cost fool you

The upfront cost of commercial LED lighting systems is more than conventional lighting systems. This is one reason why many office managers and decision makers hesitate from switching to LED lighting. However, LED lights are a smart investment as they last many years without any sign of abrasion or need for replacement. They also reduce power consumption hugely, which means less power bills!

Lumens above wattage

Most of the people are not aware that wattage is not an indication of brightness, but the amount of energy drawn by the bulb. The lumen is a unit of measurement for the brightness of light. While looking out for LED lights for workplace, do not pay attention to the wattage and look for lumen output instead. This will give you a better understanding of workplace LED capabilities.

How to buy LED lighting for office

Choose the right colour

Nowadays, LED lighting fixtures come in a lot of varieties in terms of colours. While the most popular shades are warm white, soft white, and bright white, top LED light companies like SeniorLED manufacture extensive shades, starting from low light to ultra-bright and yellow to cool blue, you can select a product according to their brightness requirements from the wide array of options.

Contemplate over features

LED lighting fixtures come in a variety of mounting options. They can be installed with motion sensors and dimmers. Before buying a LED light for workplace, make sure that the products are compatible with the existing wiring systems at your work space. Also confirm if the products come with any multi-bracket mounting kit or not. Top-notch LED lighting systems are available with adjustable brackets, dimming control, visors, and wall & pendant mounts.

Reliable manufacturer and supplier

Leading LED companies have starting specializing top quality commercial lighting products that are cost and energy efficient. While selecting LED lights for workplace, make sure that you choose a well-grounded and authentic manufacturer and supplier. Have a look at best LED lighting for business units.

how to pick best led light for office

Buy commercial LED lighting at best price

Top lighting companies are manufacturing efficient LED lighting products that come with smart features, long lifespan, and warranty as well. Buying directly from leading LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers also makes sense if you plan on saving more by cutting out the middlemen.

SeniorLED is one of the leading manufacturers and global suppliers of high quality commercial LED lighting products that are UL, DLC, CE and TUV certified and insured with Product Liability insurance from AIG. A recognized brand in USA, Canada, Europe, Europe, Middle East and Asia, SeniorLED has a growing client base and distribution network all over the world.

Learn about human centric lighting or email us at to discuss your commercial LED lighting requirements with top LED experts of the industry.

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