February 23, 2018

How to Save Electricity at School – 25 Energy Saving Tips

The question ‘how to save electricity at school’ is occupying the mind of every school manager because of the rising power costs. Being the leading LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers catering to schools, colleges and universities across the world, SeniorLED has decided to share the best ways to save and conserve energy at school.

How to save electricity at school – Here’s how!

Below are the best ways educational institutions can reduce power bills and improve their budget:

1. Replace hand dryers with paper towel dispensers to cut down in energy costs. This is the way some school principals and staff are saving electricity at school.

2. Huge amounts of energy is wasted because no one really cares about switching off the fans and lights when not required. Hence, planning workshops on energy conservation to educate students can generate huge results.

3. Schools have many areas where lighting is not required at all times. Installing sensor based lighting in such areas can generate massive rewards. This is one of the easiest ways to save energy at school.

how to save electricity at school

4. A large percentage of schools use traditional lighting products which are not energy efficient, wasting energy and money. To save electricity, schools can shift from traditional lights to modern LED lights.

5. Most student sessions and classes happen during daytime. By avoiding artificial lighting on sunny days, schools can save electricity. This is how tens of thousands of schools are already saving electricity!

6. Don’t deploy heating systems in hallways since students stay in the classrooms most of the time.

7. A lot of heat is wasted due to poor insulation in schools. By upgrading insulation, school managers can reduce the energy usage and contribute to energy conservation.

8. Invite experts to give talks on how to save electricity at school and assign energy conservation focused projects to school students. This can bring great ideas to the table.

9. If most systems in your computer lab are based on old technology, they might be consuming more power than they are supposed to. Replacing old computers with ones having energy efficiency certifications is the easiest way to conserve energy at school.

10. Use time clocks to switch everything off automatically after the class. Students usually forget to turn off lights, and hence this can be a great answer to the question, ‘how to save electricity at school’.

11. Investment in solar lights for outdoor lighting can generate long term benefits. Local governments are already using this tactic to save energy otherwise consumed by street lighting.

12. Conduct electricity conservation sessions for staff so that they can identify power wastage when they see it. Areas like pantries can be better utilized in terms of energy usage in the presence of aware staff members.

13. Unplug overhead projectors, computers, and smart boards when not in use. This simple way to conserve energy can help save large amount of power and money in the long run.

14. In case a new block is being added to the school property, make sure that power efficient lighting and fixtures are installed from the very beginning. Email at for a quote.

how to save electricity at school

15. Traditional electrical appliances must be replaced with power efficient ones to reduce power consumption and waste. This is precisely how to save electricity at schools and educational centers.

16. Heating and cooling classrooms is expensive. Taking small steps to check waste can go a long way in power savings. For instance, keep classroom doors closed to maintain the temperature.

17. Use of dimming lights in hallways can lead to reduction in consumption of energy. The mood and visual appearance of your space can also be enhanced by dimmable lights.

18. Involve the whole school community in the task of energy conservation. This is how the best schools save electricity and reduce their power bills.

19. Invest in power saving reading bulbs to promote energy conservation at school. Besides better lighting for the sensitive eyes of children, modern reading bulbs also lead to energy savings.

20. Check the use of personal gadgets by students on school premises. Even if laptops and tablets are part of teaching methodologies, they must be checked when not in use.

21. Check the use of light fixtures beside windows and unused corners. Since schools usually have large number of rooms, this can help in conserving energy at school.

22. Pay special attention to appliances in the school kitchen since they consume a lot of power and require frequent maintenance. Ensure regular maintenance as per company recommendations.

23. Create student patrols and committees to make sure that energy conservation guidelines are being implemented.

24. Recognize energy saving efforts of staff and teachers to encourage others to join in the initiative.

25. Hold power conservation and awareness events from time to time to keep the school community engaged.

While the above are some of the best ways to save energy at school and educational institutes, there are many other ideas that can promote power savings in school premises.

Do you know of any othere power saving ideas and tips that can further expand our ‘how to save electricity at school’ list? If yes, then, share in the comments section!

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