February 7, 2017

How to Select the Best Driver for Your Flat Panel Light?

LED flat panel lights need an external driver to supply constant current & voltage power. The driver decides electrical performance of the lights. Because most drivers in the market have similar appearance, SeniorLED decided to help you select and buy the best driver in the market.

Here are our top tips to pick the best driver for your flat panel LED light:

External-driver mounting

To avoid the movement of drivers, UL require manufactures to fix the driver on the back board of lights. So, pick a driver that comes with the same provision.


High Power Factor

There is no point in wasting energy because of low PF. You should get every penny’s worth on electric bill and equal brightness. Rated PF of the Longbright driver is less than 0.9 but our testing shows that the average PF can reach 0.95. Below is the test data from DLC which shows that our PF reached 0.992.

seniorled products

Wire Connection

There are five wires in the driver’s junction box. Two for the AC power connection, two for the dimmable connection and the last yellow one is the ground wire terminal. SeniorLED provides three connection terminals for a convenient wiring for your flat panel LED light.

Below is the image of regular wiring without terminal:

seniorled wires

Here’s an image showing connection terminal from SeniorLED:

seniorled wire 2

Flicker Free means healthy and bright

Firstly, let’s understand what we mean by Flicker. It is the constant fluctuation of light output from on to off. Flicker can make moving gears or blades look slower or even stationary. This has been associated with health issues such as headaches, eye strain, and fatigue.

Now, lets understand how to judge if your LED light has flicker

Take your phone and turn on the camera. Photos take in flicker are usually dark and low quality. Check below image for reference:

seniorled 111

SeniorLED uses flicker-free drivers. The key to mitigating flicker thus lies in the driver, which can eliminate the problem by supplying the LED with a constant, non-oscillating current. SeniorLED is always trying to further optimize our flat panel lighting.

Here’s a case in which we proved our product better than others available in the market.


Seniorled strives to make the best LED products in the world and deploys the best talent to create them. Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 or email at to discuss your LED queries.

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