June 27, 2016

Installing LED Panel Lights

Installing LED Panel lights

SeniorLED, one of the best LED manufacturers in China, prides itself on making it’s products simple and easy to install. For some clients however, their experience of installing LED panel lights is not that well developed yet.


Installing LED Panel lights

Installing LED Panel lights


Many use electricians to install their lighting but pay an extra fee for doing so. Sometimes this is unavoidable, such as removing the ballast which in some parts of the world is written law. However with SeniorLED’s panel lights, clients could make major savings. Installing LED panel lights is relatively easy, once you know how. Helping your clients encourages the growth of happy relationships. Therefore we shall go through the simple steps here; you can show your clients how easy it is when they are encountering these problems.

Step one

Remove the SeniorLED panel lights from their secure packaging after they have been delivered promptly. Check for any physical anomalies; encase of the slim chance they were compromised during delivery. Make sure the wire on the back of the panel light is secure.

Step two

Turn off the power for all the lighting in area and remove all the old lighting that needs to be replaced. We can’t give guidance on how to remove the clients old lighting as there many different types. Please check the manuals provided with the old lighting, if this is not available it may be necessary to call in a electrician to do this safely. After removing the old lighting it is time to connect the new LED panel lights.

Step three

Either a wire connector seen if fig. 2 or a wire nut seen in fig. 3 are required. Both will do the job satisfactorily. Ensure the electricity is still off in the area, then take the wire from the empty fixture of where the old lighting is removed and attach it to the wire connector/wire nut. Some fixtures have a permanent wire connector attached so it is possible to ignore this part of step 3.

If there is confusion on how to attach the wire to the wire connector/wire nut, it usually it is a simple job of taking the exposed copper cable and pushing it into one of the slots of said wire connector or wire nut. Then simply screwing the wire down in place, using either a screwdriver or even by hand (Wire nuts may need both wires before it can be screwed down). After this is complete you simply do the same with the wire coming from the new LED panel lights.

Step Four

This step can either be very simple or need a little more skill depending on how it is required to position the LED panel lights and what fixtures are already installed. If there is a office grid ceiling, simply place the light directly into the tile section of where the old light used to be. SeniorLED’s LED panel lights all come with a recessed design and can do this seamlessly. If there is a desire to change the position of the light, often it is possible to remove one of the grids many gypsum boards and insert the light there. In this case, skip directly to step 5.

However if a office grid ceiling is not present and/or the desire is to hang the light as a pendant SeniorLED also provides the fixture to be able to do this if requested for. Both the pendant fixture and the Led panel light are designed to work together. Wall and/or ceiling mounted without a pendant fixture, is totally dependent on if there is already installed fixtures. Changes may need to be made before, during or after placing the LED panel lights to fix them there securely.

Step Five

Finally turn on the power and watch the new LED panel lights shine with their SeniorLED guarantee of quality. Sit back, rest and be confident in the fact that these lights will not be replaced for at least another 5 years! If you show this step by step guide to all your clients you will ensure you have lots of happy customers who will repay you in repeat business.

This process can be followed with any of the panel lights of any size. SeniorLED makes sure to provide it’s distributors and electrician contractors with easy to use products that don’t need constant client support when installing LED lights. Consequently our clients lives are more stress free. This is why SeniorLED is still one of China’s best LED suppliers.

Things you will need:

New SeniorLED LED panel light

Wire connector/wire nut

Screwdriver (optional but recommended)

Light fixture or grid ceiling

Pendant fixture (optional)

Ladder (optional but recommended)

About The Company:

SeniorLED is one of the leading LED light companies in China. The company produces and supplies their innovative products to wholesale distributors around the world. By offering UL and DLC certified lights specifically for USA and Canada markets, SeniorLED has made a strong penetration in many economies around the world.

Contact Details:


Building H, Wanda Industrial Zone,

Shenzhen, China

Tel: (+86) 139 6488 0018

Skype: solarleading



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