July 25, 2016

How your lighting is impacting your life

LED Color Temperature and it’s impact on productivity


Stop what you are doing and think about how your lighting is impacting your life. Are you at work during midday and feel like you are falling asleep? Do you also come into work appearing like you have not had a good nights sleep? Have you considered what role you lighting could be playing in this? It is a very real possibility your lights at work could be damaging your sleep schedule, productivity and health. Continue reading to learn the relationship between led color temperature and productivity.

This picture simply demonstrates the different color temperatures. A purer blueish-white light is considered a cooler color. On the other side of the spectrum a reddish-orange white light is considered warmer. Color temperature is traditionally measured in Kelvins (K). Commercial lights are normally on a color temperature scale from 7000K to 2000K.

led color temperature

The Different LED Color Temperature ranges

Warm lights

For building interiors, experts already widely acknowledge that the color temperature can greatly change the atmosphere. Consequently, this in turn affects the ‘mood’ of an area. Warmer colors often associate with relaxation and are perfect for a living room or home. The warmer colors associate with dawn or dusk so our bodies do not link a warm room with high activity. Therefore for home environments particularly bedrooms or living rooms, a warm white can complement natural sleep schedules to ensure a good night’s rest.

Cool lights

On the other side of the spectrum, cooler colors increase concentration. They are utilized in surgeries to ensure doctors and medical staffs are at high concentration levels. This is because cooler light is similar to what a clear blue sky emits. During which, people were historically most active during noon, increasing concentration. Due to this, they are often used in environments that require a higher level of concentration, cool lights are widely used in kitchens to keep the cooks awake and are even used in bathrooms to make the room look cleaner.

Corporate environments often use moonlight white (around 4,000K) for being on the cooler side of neutral white; it can boost concentration levels without being too straining over long periods of time. Lighting plays an understated role in employee productivity and studies suggest cooler lighting during the day can increase sleep quality. This in turn brings a vast array of positive benefits such as: better memory, faster psycho-motor reflexes, lower risk of depression and longer attention spans.


Not only can well suited lighting change the atmosphere of a workplace, but also switching from incandescent (usually warm old bulbs) to LED’s can reduce a company’s overheads. Then to Combine this with the increased productivity and healthcare benefits to employees and the switch to 4000K LED lighting is an ideal choice for office and factory environments.

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