December 24, 2016

LED Emergency Panel Lights – Global Demand and High Value

LED panel emergency lights are quickly gaining acceptance as the best option of battery backup emergency power with a normal LED lamp. It is being widely used at manufacturing units, corporate buildings, and places with unreliable network or frequent power rationing.

Today, Seniorled will share what LED emergency panel lights are all about and what is fueling their global demand as garage ceiling lights. Let’s start with its meaning:

What’s LED emergency panel light?

LED panel emergency lights are comprised of battery backup emergency power and LED panel light. Since its LED emits in surface form, people & manufacturers also call it as LED panel light or LED flat light.

In recent years, due to the increase of LED luminous efficiency, the performance to price ratio of LED panel lights has grown. Its design, brightness, and energy saving capabilities give great competitiveness to LED panel lights in comparison to traditional lamps & tubes.

Advantages of LED panels

LED chips are the sources of LED panel light, and it is fixed with aluminum alloy frames, which are specially processed onto its surface and gives the product resistance to corrosion, dust, static, and rust.

LED panel lights are covered with superior PMMA diffusers and light guide plates which lead to uniformity in light distribution, and no yellow color appearance after long time use. Here are some other quick benefits of LED panel lights:

  • Expect no glare, no darkness, larger beam angle, and over 90% light transmittance when you choose LED panel lights from top LED light manufacturers.
  • No need for professional installers. It can perfectly suitable for all kinds of installation such as ceiling, wall, lifting or being embedded.
  • No infrared, UV, thermal effect, and toxic substances come with best-grade LED panel lights.
  • Luminous efficiency higher 100lm per watt and long life span up to 50,000 hours which is 50 times higher than that of incandescent tubes and 10 times of fluorescent lamps. This means repair and replacement savings.

Use these as LED garage ceiling lights or deploy them someplace else, they promise bright lightning and best performance.

Seniorled is counted amongst the top LED manufacturers and wholesalers in China with client base in USA, Europe, and Asia. Whether you need emergency lighting solution, LED grow lights or best quality LED tubes (T8 and T5), the company can deliver the same.

Contact Seniorled to get the best quote for your lighting requirements.


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