May 31, 2017

LED Garage Ceiling Lights from SeniorLED – Product Analysis

When it comes to garage ceiling lights, not many LED manufacturing companies are focusing on improving their performance and efficiency. SeniorLED however, is different. Today, we bring you a detailed product analysis of our LED garage ceiling lights, designed for residential buildings and commercial spaces.

Garage Ceiling Lights – Product Overview

The LED garage ceiling lights from SeniorLED have been approved by international safety and standards like CE and Rohs. Our LED lighting fixtures have raised the bar in terms of power efficiency & performance across the world. In short, ours are not ordinary LED ceiling lights.
Our team of highly qualified engineers have worked for many years to create the most power efficient and reliable range of LED garage ceiling lights. Our garage lighting products come with optimal heat radiation design, enhanced power performance, and 5 years of warranty. Let’s have a look at the unique advantages promised by our top class LED ceiling lights.

LED Garage Ceiling lights – Best features

We have been manufacturing LED lighting products for over a decade, competing with the likes of Philips. This has only been possible because we bring unique features and advantages to our clients. Here are the most important features of our LED garage ceiling lights:
• Certified from international safety and standard bodies like UL, cUL, CE, CB, SAA and DLC.
• Lifespan of over 50,000 hours
• Easy to replace modular design for light source and driver.
• Diffuser with double seals
• Design that provides rapid heat dissipation and low light attenuation.
• Easy to install and deploy
• Product replacement without the obligation to return any defected item
• Long term power savings.

Why Businesses Trust SeniorLED

SeniorLED has a global reputation and a rich client base in regions like the USA, Europe, Middle East, Canada and Asia. We have spent the past decade evolving LED lighting products that have forced other manufacturers to think about innovation. This has made us one of the best LED garage ceiling lighting manufacturers and wholesalers in China.
Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations love doing business with us:
• We provide OEM services to many big brands such as Home Depot and have a global reputation for supplying top quality LED products.
• Most of our LED lighting products are insured with AIG, ensuring full safety during transportation and shipping.
• Every LED product manufactured at SeniorLED (including the garage ceiling light) goes through our strict QC process.
• Our international support team provides 24/7 support in English and Spanish.
• We understand our corporate social responsibility and have partnered with UNICEF for the betterment of young children and mothers in developing countries. Donating a percentage of every order to the cause.

Furthermore, we are a registered brand in the USA and Canada with a global network of LED lighting distributors. All this has been possible due to our innovative approach and focus on high-performance LED products.

Get in touch to discuss your LED lighting requirements with our team for tailored lighting solutions from the top LED manufacturer & supplier in China. Follow us on Facebook for product updates, LED buying guides, and much more!

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  2. Hi great product you launched here. LED garage ceiling lights, the specially designed LED lights for garage which are power saving with incredible life time. You guys have done the fantastic job with safety features, warranty period and all other features. LED garage ceiling lights launched in the market is really impressive.
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