June 9, 2017

The Team Behind Top LED Light Manufacturing Company in China

Becoming the top LED light manufacturing company in China requires commitment to making the best LED lighting products, providing an unmatched client experience, and delivering on hundreds of other service factors. Achieving all that isn’t possible without a team that is prepared to go the extra mile to build a global reputation.

SeniorLED’s rise to the top can be attributed to the fact that we built a team which is not only passionate about the LED industry but also dedicated to delivering the best services in every aspect of the trade.
Here are the people that make SeniorLED the best LED light manufacturing company in China:

Rocky Ma

The young entrepreneur who founded SeniorLED with a vision of helping businesses to work more efficiently. His vast experience in designing cost-effective and environmentally friendly electronics has helped SeniorLED expand its product catalogue of power saving LED lights and solar lighting solutions. Read our interview with IdeaMensch to learn more about his journey to building the top LED light manufacturer in China.

Tracy Du

When it comes to providing top customer service and handling distribution, SeniorLED looks to Tracy Du. Tracy’s in-depth knowhow of international shipping laws and procedures ensure that the lighting consignments of our clients reach their destination safely, every time. In short, she plays a crucial role in making SeniorLED a leading LED manufacturer in China with registered brands in the USA & Canada.

Allen Wang

SeniorLED is known for manufacturing custom lighting products and components to deliver tailored lighting solutions to its clients. Allen is the brilliant business and engineering mind that makes it possible. He works closely with clients to develop custom electronic components and makes sure every LED product lives up to SeniorLED’s reputation. A wealth of experience as Quality Engineer gives Allen the expertise to develop top quality LED lights for clients.

Jet Fang

Being a global LED light manufacturer and supplier, SeniorLED requires a Sales genius who can oversee international growth and expansion. We found that Jet Fang, in his role as Sales Director, not only makes sure that potential clients become repeat customers, but also guides businesses in deploying the right LED technology to keep their power consumption in check.

Bryan Shan

When it comes to international sales and customer support, Bryan Shan is up to the task. As a member of the International Sales team, Bryan helps decision makers to choose the right LED lighting solution. With his extensive sales experience and electronics background, Bryan is best placed to find the solution that works best for his customers around the globe.

On one side we have our highly qualified engineers with vast experience in optics, electrical engineering and heat management to help in manufacturing innovative LED products. On the other we have the amazing customer services team who offer support in many languages to help clients with every query.

Get in touch to discuss your LED lighting requirements with a company you can trust. Check out this blog post to learn why we are considered to be among the best LED lighting wholesalers in the world!

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