June 8, 2018

LED Lighting Case Study & Success Stories from SeniorLED

In the last decade, SeniorLED has emerged as the leading supplier of LED lighting in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. That’s why we have no lack of case studies that document how we have helped international businesses, commercial centres, and local brands with their lighting requirements.

In this blog post, we bring for you LED light case study that share success stories of two growing establishments based in the United States of America. Read on and discover how our LED lighting solutions are touching lives across the globe:

LED lighting case study 1 – Atlanta Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the most advanced airports in the United States which receives millions of visitors every year. Offering service to over 150 domestic and 70 global locations, it is truly an international airport. However, it lacked behind in terms of lighting.

The Problem

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was using a fluorescent lighting system which not only delivered average lighting but also consumed more energy. It also required frequent repairs and maintenance work. The authorities connected with SeniorLED to upgrade the lighting by installing LED T8 tubes throughout.

The Solution

In view of transforming the current lighting infrastructure with a new LED technology that offers the best lighting experience to passengers, the airport’s aging fluorescent lighting system was replaced with efficient LED T8 tubes. Our LED T8 tubes are brighter, longer lasting and use less energy than fluorescent, providing superior lighting to passengers.

Our power efficient T8 LED tubes also generate long term savings by reducing power bills and reduce the carbon footprint as well. This means our LED lighting products are environmental friendly too, making the installation a perfect recipe of an LED lighting case study.

LED Lighting Case Study

Have a look at the critical features of the LED T8 tubes from SeniorLED:

* Our LED lighting products use High efficacy Epistar led chips up to 160lm/w

* Every one of our LED products comes with the advantage of AIG Product Liability Insurance

* Durable aluminium casing with transparent or frosted, detachable polycarbonate (PC) cover means long lasting lighting products

* Impact resistant for peace of mind during transportation and installation.

* SeniorLED’s aluminium casing also provides optimal heat dissipation and an extended lifespan (>5 years)

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is currently benefiting from our advanced LED lighting solutions and references a 5-star rating on our product quality as well as after-sales service. Read on for another one of our LED lighting case studies!

LED Lighting Case Study 2 – Furniture Store Vandalia, Ohio

A leading furniture brand of Vandalia, Ohio approached SeniorLED to improve the lighting environment in their store. The store is visited by tens of thousands of visitors every month and is a popular local brand. Upgrading to better lighting was important for their customers to view their furniture ranges.

The Problem

The popular store depended on traditional fluorescent lighting which neither accentuated the features of furniture products nor improved the shopping experience in any way. Hence, the business owners decided to upgrade the lighting at their store and choose SeniorLED to supply highly efficient LED lighting products.

The Solution

We replaced the aging fluorescent tube lighting with our advanced LED T8 Tube lighting products in order to improve the shopping environment. Our newly installed LED products that come with a 5 year warranty not only delivered best lighting but also reduced power consumption. After upgrading to our LED T8 bulbs, the furniture store looks much brighter and fresher and we got another successful case study to prove our expertise.

LED Lighting Case Study

Here are the most important features of the LED T8 tube lighting systems from SeniorLED:

Transparent or frosted fully polycarbonate tube covers for best light transmission and protection from electrical shock.

* PLUS internal aluminium heat sink for improved heat dissipation.

* Our T8 tubes bring the benefits of extended lifespan and product warranty.

* 270° beam angle for wider light reach.

* A perfect combination of safety and durability.

* Light weight and impact resistant during transport and installation.

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Reviews from global clients

SeniorLED has been supplying indoor and outdoor LED lighting products to global businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs for over a decade now. We are not only a registered brand in the USA & Canada but also have a growing network of distributors all over the world. No wonder we have a long list of happy clients across the globe. Have a look –

LED Lighting Case Study

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LED lighting systems are more efficient and reliable in terms of performance, power savings, lifespan & environmental friendliness. This is adding to the growing demand of LED lighting products. Are you planning an upgrade to LED lighting at your office, business or factory to save resources and environment? Email us to get the best bulk quote for your LED lighting needs.

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