January 24, 2019

Top LED Lighting Manufacturer in Shenzhen, China – Senior Qualifies

More than a decade of passion, dedication and teamwork has made SeniorLED the top LED lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. By focusing on developing highly efficient, healthy, and long lasting LED systems, we have succeeded in building a global client base which is spread across South Asia, The United States of America, Canada, Middle East and Europe.

While renowned brands like Panasonic and Kodak lighting US form our customer base, we also lead in supplying OEM and ODM products to global retail brands like HomeDepot. Being the leading LED lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, we aim for following:

*At Seniorled, we work towards  the sustainable goal of a greener planet. Our catalog is rich with indoor and outdoor LED products that don’t use harmful chemicals like Mercury.

*Our lighting technology is human centric. As top manufacturer of LED lighting, we believe to deliver the best. Eco-friendly lighting not only lights up commercial spaces but lights them efficiently and in a healthy way.

*We as a brand are technology driven and focus on building energy efficiency, automation, motion and sensor oriented LED lighting to promote business savings and minimize power expenses.


Above points make us the top rated LED lighting manufacturer not only in Shenzhen, China but also the world.

Claiming the title of top LED lighting manufacturer requires scoring in vast range of parameters. Below are the major ones:

*Quality products

*Energy efficiency

*Long lifespan

*Healthy lighting solutions

*Production capability

*Global availability of products

*Top quality after-sales services

*Customer grievance handling

*Ecology conservation


LED lighting manufacturer

Seniorled  – Top LED lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen, China

At Seniorled, we believe that global businesses have a greater responsibility towards society. Realizing the same, we donate part of our profits to UNICEF so that the future of the children and mothers living in underdeveloped economies can be improved. When it comes to delivering the best in terms of lighting, we create high quality and modern LED lighting solutions that promise efficiency and reliability.


Here are some key factors which makes us the leader in LED manufacturing:


LED Lights with long lifespan

At Seniorled (Shenzhen, China), we manufacture  high luminous and long life commercial LED lights having a lifespan over 3 years or almost above 30000 hours. We ensure that only high quality components are installed in our lighting products. SeniorLED also a scientific quality control process which makes us deliver flawless LED lights to businesses, corporates, and offices globally.


Energy efficient lighting

Modern LED lighting is all about conserving energy and delivering the perfect light ambience. Our commercial LED lights are highly energy efficient and draw 80% less power than conventional lighting systems without compromising luminosity. Our utmost responsibility is to produce the best in class equipment and make sure that it is eco-friendly.


Product Catalog

We have a diverse product line that covers both indoor and outdoor lighting products. One of the most popular LED lighting products in our catalog are T8 LED tubes, LED panel lights, LED freezer lights, T8 LED tubes with sensor, LED Corn lights, LED Linear Lights, LED UFO Lights, LED flood lights, and LED Shoebox lights. Being a top LED lighting manufacturer, we are in continuous search of innovative ideas and products. Check out our indoor outdoor CE CL LED lighting catalogues.


LED PAnel light

International certification

Most of our LED products have world class certifications that includes CE, EMC and ROH. We ensure that international safety standards are never compromised, and product enhancements are made as per the country to which the product will be shipped. Our focus on customization & adherence to international safety guidelines is a jewel in the box that makes us the global leader in LED manufacturing and top LED manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.


Production Capability

Top LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers retain huge production capabilities to deliver big consignments in short span of time. SeniorLED has the factory infrastructure to produce 10,00,000 T8 LED tubes per month. Though the number varies from product to product, we score high in production capabilities when compared to other LED lighting manufacturing companies in China.


Product insurance with AIG

When the product needs to be shipped globally, protection against damages is also necessary. Therefore, we pack our LED lighting products while keeping in view the turbulence and handling they may face during transit. It is an essential element which helps us keep our customers assured that only 100% functional product is delivered to them.


Warranty and easy returns

Global recognition not only needs the product, but after-sales service too. Easy returns and product warranty is the backbone of modern businesses. We, being the top manufacturers of commercial LED lights in Shenzhen, China, believe in acquiring and retaining our valuable customers. That’s why most of our products come with long warranty period and support.

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Damaged goods policy

Trust should be the base when it comes to international transactions. SeniorLED assures our customers that if few LED products get damaged during the transit, no customer has an obligation to return it for claiming the replacements. Our team not only excels in manufacturing but also in customer support. This is one of the major reasons why we are counted amongst the top LED lighting manufacturers of Shenzhen, China.


LED lighting manufacturers in Shenzhen China

Buy commercial LED lighting at bulk price

LEDs have entered our homes as well as workplaces. From joggers park to shopping malls, from cricket stadiums to airports, everywhere the lighting is aided by them. Being a leading LED lighting manufacturing brand, Seniorled is working tirelessly towards innovation to design commercial lighting products that belong to the future. Our indoor outdoor LED lighting products are tested rigorously, and shipped only after meeting international quality standards.

After becoming the top LED lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, our goal is to emerge as the best commercial LED lighting brand in the world. Email us at to discuss your LED lighting requirement with our LED engineers.

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