June 14, 2018

The Top LED Linear Lighting Systems and Strips from SeniorLED

LED linear lighting systems and strips are widely used in supermarkets, warehouses and offices around the world. That’s why these products are experiencing high global demand in the lighting market. SeniorLED has been leveraging advanced LED lighting technologies and developing high-grade LED linear lighting systems & supplying customers from around the globe for more than a decade now.

Besides the standard technical features, we have introduced technologically-advanced and future-ready upgrades to our LED linear lighting systems and strips, which justify the huge demand for our indoor & outdoor LED linear lights in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Below are the specifications and features of SeniorLED’s LED linear lighting systems and strips which make our LED linear lights extremely popular among industrial units, factories and warehouses.

LED Linear Lighting Systems & Strips – Single Hanging

Single hanging LED linear lighting systems from SeniorLED are especially designed LED lighting systems which promise even light distribution and provide optimal illumination for big stores, commercial units, and other indoor workplaces.

The technical specifications and standard features of our single hanging LED linear lighting systems and strips are as follows:

  • Actual illumination output of 130 LM per watt

  • CRI of 80 and 6000 Kelvin of CCT

  • System power ranges from 24 watts to 60 watts

  • Super easy installation and linkable connection with no gap

  • AIG insurance and 5 years of brand warranty

Check out what global buyers have to say about SeniorLED’s product quality and service on Quora.

LED Linear Lighting Systems and Strips

LED Linear Lighting Strips – Multiple Wires

SeniorLED’s LED linear lighting strips and systems also come with multiple wires such as 3 wires, 5 wires, and 7 wires. Being extensively used in factory outlets, workshops, and supermarkets, our multiple wires indoor LED linear lightings are extremely energy-efficient and easy to install.

Below are the highlighted features and specifications of multiple wire LED linear lightings:

  • Equipped with an isolated driver AC180-240V

  • Superior and bright illumination with better light distribution

  • Super easy installation process

  • Light dimming features

  • Extremely energy-efficient and green product

  • Optional angles 30°/60°/90°/LR25°

  • 5 years brand warranty and a promise of AIG insurance

Part of our CE Indoor LED lights catalogue, single hanging and multiple wires LED linear lights from SeniorLED are immensely practical LED lighting fixtures with advanced features and superior technical specifications which make them a perfect illumination solution for small to midsize businesses.

LED Linear Lighting Systems and Strips

LED linear lighting systems & strips – Inquire now

A registered brand in the USA & Canada, SeniorLED is a prominent global LED lighting manufacturer and supplier, with a vast catalogue of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products. We have been manufacturing and exporting highly-advanced and energy-efficient LED lighting systems and strips to countries like Canada, USA, and Australia for many years now.

With decade-long experience in the global LED lighting industry, we have developed high-grade LED lighting products, such as UFO LED lights, Corn lights and Shoebox lights which experience huge demand in the international market. Email at for inquiries related to LED linear lighting systems or any other LED lighting products.

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