November 6, 2018

6 Biggest Myths of LED Lights – Facts & Fiction Revealed!

Every radical innovation or change attracts its share of myths and fiction. LED lighting industry is no different. There is no dearth of LED myths in the lighting world and today we are gearing up to separate the LED lights facts from fiction by listing out the most critical points. That’s right! We will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Let’s address the LED lighting myths and fiction while underlining the LED lighting facts because that’s what we are here for!

Myth #1 – LED lighting is costly

This LED lighting myth has played a crucial role in slow adoption of LED lighting products in the developing countries. It is believed that LED lighting products are very expensive, which is something completely untrue. Global manufacturing, cheaper equipment, and competitive landscape have brought down the prices of indoor and outdoor LED lighting to a great extent. Incandescent lights are still cheap but have small lifespan and huge power consumption. So, the fact is that LED lighting is not costly at all.

Myth #2 – LED lights are not bright

LED lighting deliver very different lighting in comparison to traditional lighting products like incandescent bulbs. While it appears dull initially, it is actually the same kind of brighter as any old lighting bulb. The only difference is in lighting quality and power consumption. LED lights consume very little power and can deliver a variety of lighting depending on LED product at hand. LED lighting products can also mimic natural light which is something old light sources can’t do.

Myth #3 – LEDs take time to light up

One of the most popular LED myths in the world! The truth is that LED lighting products light up instantly and don’t take time like traditional tubes do. They can even be switched on and off again & again without shortening their lifespan. Even the problem of flickering doesn’t occur in modern LED lighting products unless they are of course damaged due to long usage or equipment issue.

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Myth #4 – LEDs don’t work in cold

If there will be an award for the ‘biggest fiction story around LED lights’, then, this will definitely win. LED lighting products work flawlessly in extreme cold temperatures. While excessive cold doesn’t impact lifespan of LED lighting products, excessive heat does damage the equipment of any machinery over the passage of time. So, if you are postponing your shift to LED lighting because you live in a cold place and think they won’t worry, go ahead and order your LED lighting today!

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Myth #5 – LED lights are harmful

Let’s get straight to the myth busting. LED lighting has been scientifically proven to be the best lighting source for eyes. Innovation driven LED companies like SeniorLED have evolved lighting products like Reading Bulbs that are extra thoughtful about the eye health of children. Speak of the myth that LEDs use harmful chemicals, LED lighting products don’t have mercury, lead, or any other toxic materials in them. So, they are 100% safe!

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Myth #6 – LED lights don’t have long lifespan

 LED lighting products gained popularity for their long lifespan only. So, this myth simply doesn’t make any sense. A top quality LED lighting won’t go out for many years. With optimal use, they can even last a decade! Yes, you read that right. This is a LED lighting fact that is encouraging businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations to switch to modern LED lighting products.

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