LED Panel Lights (Emergency Backup)

1. Rated input voltage (100-227V AC).
2. Meets most safety standards for lighting.
3. Main power built-in 3 in 1 dimming function (0-10V/10v PWM/1-100kΩ Resistance).
4. Low ripple and noise, flicker free.
5. Main power output current can be regulated by potention meter.
6. Main power protections: OCP/SCP/OVP.
7. Built-in lithium battery as an emergency power supply.
8. Emergency protections: OVP/LVP SCP/TVP.
9. Intelligent emergency automatic detection function.
10. Emergency working time≥120min
Supply Ability:50,000 pcs/ month
Warranty:5 years
Payment Terms:TT / LC / OA / Paypal / West Union
Min.Order Quantity:100pcs (Sample and trial order available)

General Details

Key Benefits 

Senior LED Panel lights (Emergency Backup) is an advanced LED lighting product that was designed to cater the emergency lighting needs of businesses and commercial spaces. Our LED emergency light panels bring powerful capabilities which triggers its global demand. Have a look at the most impressive features of recessed emergency lights:   
  • Our backup-integrated emergency panel light has a test switch built-in. So, no need to run cable and drill holes to get emergency lighting.
  • AIG insured back up lights from SeniorLED: Most of our rechargeable LED panel lighting products are insured with AIG Product Liability Insurance.
  • We add integrated test button to save installation costs of up to US $15-20/pc.
  • Backup battery fixed on the backboard for safety and easy installation of recessed emergency panel light.
  • Complete kit UL, DLC certified commercial emergency lights.
  • Our battery powered emergency panel light is a patent product and we are an exclusive global LED supplier.

SeniorLED is proud to be a registered brand in the USA and Canada which brings advanced emergency lighting products to the market. In addition to product innovation, operational efficiency, and power savings, we offer 5 years warranty with full support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs or replacements.No need send broken products back when you partner with SeniorLED for your battery powered emergency panel lights. We will send the replacement products without asking any pestering questions! Have a look at our complete indoor outdoor LED lighting catalog to learn more about our products.  

Buy emergency lights at best price  

SeniorLED is the leading supplier of emergency backup lights and wholesale commercial lighting systems that deliver unmatched lighting experience and promote power savings. Our LED lighting solutions have a global demand because we guarantee all of the technical data on our brochure to help clients make the right emergency light decision. Our data sheets are 100% accurate and devoid of exaggeration which makes us one of the most transparent rechargeable emergency lights supplier in China.

Email your emergency lighting requirements at info@seniorled.com and share all your queries about wholesale battery powered emergency panel lights. Want to speak with our team before making a buying decision? Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 and we will be happy to help!

For SeniorLED, customer satisfaction is important than everything else. That’s why we take special care while delivering the LED panel lights that come with battery backup. We use a packaging mechanism under which every emergency lighting system is packed separately in sturdy cardboard cases.

Your complete order of emergency backup lights and LED panel lights will be packed safely in wooden boxes with added cushions to stop any transit damage to your products. In short, we will make sure that your recessed emergency light fixtures are shipped with utmost care and precaution. led panel lights

Customization Posibility
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