LED Panel Lights (Large Size)

LED panel light (Large Size)

1. Varies shape customization available.
2. OEM supplier of Kodak Lighting.
3. Hongli led chips,with optional lumen.
4. Monthly 600,000 pcs production capacity,available for doing branded panel lights and customized dimension&package.
5. Certified by CE,SAA,SASO,COC,EMC,LVD.
Supply Ability:100,000/Month
Warranty:2--3years for CE products
Payment Terms:TT / LC / OA / Paypal / West Union
Min.Order Quantity:100pcs (Sample and test order available)

General Details

Key Benefits 

Senior LED panel light (Large Size) is a revolutionary product in human history.

●  Low energy consumption, 80% more energy saving than traditional lighting.

●  Isolated power supply, no flicker, stable, reliable and CE, RoHS, TUV, SAA certified.

●  NO Flicker, top power efficiency (PF>0.9) and high CRI(Ra>80), THD<15%.

●  Super thin, pure aluminum frame, good heat dissipation, high-grade appearance.

●  Light guide panel with 85% transmittance.

●  LED source: SMD2835&4014 chip.

●  Triac dimmable design optional.

●  High lumen efficiency, high CRI, High PF.

●  Installation style: surface mounted, built-in, suspended.

2-3 years warranty with full support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs or replacements.No need send broken products back

We guarantee all of the technical data on our brochure and data sheets are authentic and accurate with no exaggeration.






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