LED Street Light Bulbs

LED  Street bulb

1. Compact design, suitable for small covers.
2. Special circuit design. Each LED works separately to avoid ‘single broken LED’ influence problem.
3. Die casting shell of driver to achieve a perfect heat dissipation. Unique in market.
Supply Ability:50,000 pcs
Warranty:2-3 years for UL products
Payment Terms:TT / LC / OA / Paypal / West Union
Min.Order Quantity:10pcs

General Details

Key Benefits 

SeniorLED’s Street Light Bulb is a revolutionary product that has been illuminating streets, billboards, highways, and roads in cities, suburbs, and rural areas all over the world. As top LED street light manufacturers and suppliers, we has spend more than decade understanding the evolving outdoor lighting needs. Using our experience and expertise, we designed these advanced LED street light bulbs. Have a look at the product features that make our LED street light bulbs such a hit in the global lighting market:

●  Aluminum fins heat sinks and active air exchanging cooling system in order to speed up heat dissipation.

●  It’s major to replace the CFL/MH/HID/HPS.

●  Green LED street lights with energy saving capabilities. Long and reliable life of 50,000 hours.

●  No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, and no mercury pollution is what we promise as top LED street light manufacturers.

●  Our LED street light bulbs bring wide color availability in degrees Kelvin (K), 2700-6700K.

●  Streamline exterior design and beautiful appearance for the perfect street light appeal.

●  Environment friendly and energy saving (70~80%) street lights for sale!

●  Special circuit design means each LED work separately which avoids the single broken LED
influence problem in our street light bulbs.

When businesses, corporate, and civic bodies think about roadway lighting, street lighting, and outdoor lighting, SeniorLED is one of the first names that come to their mind. Being a top LED street light manufacturer and supplier, we offer more than 2 years of warranty on our street lighting product along with friendly support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs. Our clients never have to go through any hassle when it comes to importing LED street light bulbs in bulk. 

Buy street light bulbs at best price

In the last one decade, SeniorLED has emerged as the leading outdoor lighting brand that brings a diverse catalog of street lights for sale. As a registered brand in the USA and Canada, we have a reputation to keep and hence guarantee that all the technical data on our brochure is 100% correct. This means that everything from data sheets, product details and street light performance details will be accurate with zero exaggeration. 

Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 or send an email at info@seniorled.com to discuss your LED street light bulbs requirement with our team of LED engineers.


SeniorLED’s street light bulbs have been illuminating streets, billboards, and suburbs for over one decade now. We employ top LED engineers to design LED street light bulbs that not only deliver bright outdoor light but also encourage power savings and promise long lifespan. Go through the product specifications table to gather details related to power models, material, efficiency, lifespan, and much more.

Email at info@seniorLED to order the best street lights for sale from top LED street light manufacturers & suppliers of the world.

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As a reputed global LED brand, SeniorLED has made its mark in the international market by focusing on evolving top quality lighting and promising best customer experience. When it comes to buying street light bulbs and LED street lights, we have put into place packaging process that ensure safe delivery of your LED street light bulbs. 

Every LED street light is packed in a sturdy box with cushions and are bundled in small boxes. Every shipment we make is protected with AIG insurance and comes with the advantage of easy returns in case of damage. Have a look at the below images to gain more understanding about our packaging process for LED street lights for sale. 

   led street light bulb













Customization Posibility
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As top LED street light manufacturers and suppliers, we cater to the outdoor street lighting needs of the USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and various other regions. While we are a global LED brand, we have competitively priced our street light bulbs that pack power saving capabilities and green technology.

SeniorLED promises you the best bulk price for street lights LED and roadway lighting. Fill the below form to connect with top LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers of China.


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