November 28, 2017

SeniorLED – LED Suppliers of China With Global Appeal

Recently, some LED suppliers of China (Shenzhen) faced raw material supply chain disruptions due to cash flow  breakdowns.This is why LED orders were delayed in recent past. Some customers even lost money because suppliers bankrupt. This is something SeniorLED has been trying to avoid.

SeniorLED – specialists in affordable well being lighting – was founded on the belief that less blue (<3%) and high CRI (>95) lighting that avoids compromising the health of users should be universally available at an affordable cost

SeniorLED currently provides OEM and ODM services for many big brands such as Home Depot. Our corporate appeal is the testimony of our professional and reliable services as an LED supplier and wholesaler of China. Now, let’s quickly answer why we are currently the favorite LED suppliers of China and may be all across the world:

Why choose SeniorLED?

1. Fast delivery: SeniorLED promises a delivery date of up to 20 days after order. This makes us one of the fastest LED suppliers in China.

2. Steady and safe capital flow: SeniorLED provides OA which is available for >1 year old customers.

3. AIG: Most of our UL certified LED lights are insured by AIG, including our LED panel lights. Not only is this, a promise of quality warranty. It also means that our partners have an additional safeguard and will not feel the effect of manufacturing defects. SeniorLED provide 5 years warranty for UL certified products. Something that only top level LeD suppliers of China can manage.

4. Certification: UL, DLC 4.2 Premium, ETL, FCC, Title 24. Our advanced certifications and quality processes  give us an edge over other LED manufacturers and LED suppliers of China.

5. Monthly production: ≥30,000pcs. A constant high production of quality LEDs ensures continuous supplies and less chain disruptions which in turn leads to quicker turnaround.

6. Advanced production line: 5 sets of full-automatic YAMAHA SMD auto chip mounters keeping the production capacity and quality consistent. Very few healthy and well-being lighting suppliers have kept pace with SeniorLED. Want to learn more about our advanced production line? Below are more details:

Two sets of reflow soldering machines with eight temperature ranges making sure the PCB chips, after soldering, will not suffer under sudden temperature changes. It will protect the chips during and after soldering when placed in a suitable temperature environment.

Four sets of temperature/humidity machines guaranteeing security and long lifespans of all our LED products.

72hrs aging test with varying voltage levels doubly guarantees every light is in 100% working order before shipment.

SeniorLED’s strict QC process is able to cover every step of production; from raw materials to all the way to the finished lighting products. This ensures our customers are always satisfied with the excellent standard and longevity of their LED order.

The same process is followed while manufacturing circadian lighting for workplaces.

LED suppliers of China

8. Packaging: Custom-made quality wooden boxes with steel edges for our sample orders. SeniorLED has no match when it comes to safety packaging. This ensures that from the moment the LEDs pass our quality tests until they arrive at your door, they will be secure and without defects

led suppliers of china

9. US market ODM service provider: SeniorLED is a registered brand in the USA, Canada, and making its presence felt in other parts of the world as well. 

10. Competitive Price: Our prices are extremely competitive seeing that we offer flawless service alongside premium, quality controlled LED products and innovations. We take pride in leading the industry with new lighting products and energy saving solutions.

Contact us at (+86) 139 6488 0018 for a quote or drop an email at to request a FREE sample of our products.

Want to go through the vision of our founder and what helped him build the most reputed LED manufacturing and distribution brand of China? Have a look at his exclusive interview with Ideamensch!


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