LED T8 Tubes (PC+Aluminum Heat Sink)

1. High efficacy Seoul Semi led chips,up to 165lm/w.
2. Using Rubycon IC and special thickness PCB board.
3. AIG insured: Most of our LED lighting products are insured with AIG Product Liability Insurance.
4. PC cover with Internal heat sink,remove the risk of electric shorting and ensure a good heat dissipation performance.
5. Single end power supply (ballast bypass), gives added anti-electric shock measures ensuring safety.
6. Monthly 600,000 pcs production capacity,available for doing branded tube lights and customized package.
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General Details

Key Benefits 

SeniorLED’s T8 Tubes (PC+Aluminum Heat Sink) is a revolutionary product that has been brightening offices, commercial buildings, and corporate offices across the world. Our environment friendly T8 LED tubes bring advanced lighting capabilities without adding to the overall product price. Have a look at the most critical details of our LED T8 tubes.   

●  Internal constant current driver features an instant start up or shut off mechanism with no warming
up times and flickering. Our LED T8 fixtures come with protection from overpowering, overheating, electrical shorting
and overexposed circuitry.

●  Wide input voltage range 120-277VAC and THD < 15%.

●  Retrofitted for direct replacement of T8 linear fluorescent tubes, compatible with G13 socket (R17D, FA8 available).

●  Our wholesale LED T8 tubes with PC and aluminum heat sink are environmentally friendly and mercury, eliminating risks associated with hazardous installation, removal and disposal.

●  Our every LED T8 lamp is certified by cUL, UL and DLC 4.2 listed.

●  Our T8 LED retrofit tubes have a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours based on ideal temperature (25°C) and 10 hours/day operating conditions.

SeniorLED is one of the few T8 LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers that offers 5 years warranty with full support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs or replacements. We have built a global client base by focusing on the philosophy of client delight. When you partner with SeniorLED, there is no obligation to send broken T8 LED products back to us to get replacements. We will deliver LED T8 replacements without broken products! 

Buy T8 LED Tubes at Wholesale Price

SeniorLED has built a reputation for supreme product quality and unmatched after sales service. When you buy T8 LED retrofit tubes from us, we guarantee all of the technical data on our brochure. Out T8 LED data sheets are authentic and accurate with no exaggeration, meaning we will deliver exactly what you order. 

A registered brand in the USA and Canada, we supply LED lighting products to global brands like HomeDepot. Our LED T8 tubes have been loved by businesses and families residing in Canada, UK, South America, Asia, Australia, and Middle East. Call or Whatsapp us at (+86) 139 6488 0018 or send an email at info@seniorled.com to discuss your T8 LED tubes (PC and Aluminum heat sink) requirements with our team of LED engineers.   


SeniorLED is proud to create advanced LED T8 tubes that are used by businesses and corporate offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Middle East. We bring multiple models of LED T8 fixtures for unique lighting needs across the globe.

Have a look at the specifications table to get acquainted with the T8 LED product details. Can’t understand a technical detail in the specifications sheet? Fill the contact form and get in touch with us to discuss your queries related to T8 LED fixtures.

t8 led tubes


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At SeniorLED, we understand the hassle that comes with LED T8 lamps broken during transit. That’s why we take special precautions and safety measures to make sure that your LED T8 lights with PC and aluminum heat sink reaches your doorstep in perfect shape. Our team packages every T8 LED tube in strong cardboard casing which are later on packed in sturdy cartons.

Your shipment of LED T8 lights will be covered by AIG insurance and come with easy-returns and exchange policy of SeniorLED. Rest assured, you experience of importing T8 LED retrofit tubes from SeniorLED will be extraordinary! t8 led tubes





Customization Posibility
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SeniorLED has a huge indoor and outdoor lighting catalog of eco-friendly and high-performance LED lighting products. While we are known for the quality of our LED T8 tubes, we have also made a name for our unmatched LED T8 pricing. Share your lighting requirements with our team and we will share a custom quote that will be impossible to beat! Get in touch with top LED T8 tube manufacturers and suppliers of China.


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