LED Tri-Proof Lights

LED  tri-proof light

1. We are the only supplier in China using glass fiber material for housings.
2. Majority LED lighting products from SeniorLED are insured with AIG Product Liability Insurance
3. Glass fiber housing is lighter and durable than plastic housings.
4. Excellent heat dissipation and anticorrosion properties making our tri proof LED lights suitable for specific environments.
5. Self-owned mould and production of all components at our facility gives us better control of production cost and quality.
6.Monthly production capacity of 300,000 pcs, ensuring a time delivery.
Supply Ability:300,000pcs/Month
Warranty:5 years for UL products
Payment Terms:TT / LC / OA / Paypal / West Union
Certificates:ETL,cETL,DLC 4.2.
Min.Order Quantity:100pcs

General Details

Key Benefits

SeniorLED brings a wide range of tri-proof LED lights perfect for farms, ports, kitchens, workshops, and food industries. Designed for superior performance and efficiency, our triproof LED lighting products are shipped throughout the year to countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle East, and parts of Asia. A registered brand in the USA & Canada, we experience a global demand of tri-proof LED lights because we bring the following product advantages for our every client:

* High Strength: Fiber glass casing used in our tri-proof LED lighting products is a stress-resistant, non-deforming, light-weight material which is much more versatile & attractive than traditional glass lighting products.

* Optimal Heat Radiation Design: SeniorLED’s tri-proof lights use aluminium plate with high thermal conductivity, designed to ensure rapid heat dissipation and low light attenuation.

* Diffuser carries real optical design, transferring spot light to linear and thus eliminating glare. Light source adopts SMD design which enables one-time allocation and minimize lumens loss at maximum.

* Light source in our tri-proof tubes adopts brand chip, ensuring a life span of more than 50, 000 hours.

* Both light source and driver adopt a modular design which is easy to replace.

* Diffuser with double seal fences and IP66 protection level.

SeniorLED’s triproof LED tubes and lights are designed with ultra-thin integration design concept in mind and hence experience a global demand. Our every tri-proof LED light comes with a huge product warranty of 5 years and friendly support in case of returns & warranty claims. Since ease of business matters the most for us and our international clients, we don’t ask buyers to send back broken tri-proof LED lighting products and replace the faulty LED lighting without any hassle. This has helped us emerge as the leading name in outdoor LED lighting.

Buy tri proof LED lighting in bulk

In the last decade, SeniorLED has emerged as the leading brand of tri-proof LED lights and tubes with a growing catalog and unmatched after-sales support. Besides deploying advanced manufacturing and testing processes, we make sure that every detail in our indoor outdoor product brochure is 100% correct. This has helped us win trust of thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs, and local bodies across the world. Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 or send an email at info@seniorled.com to share your tri-proof LED lighting needs with our team of LED engineers.

Not sure if tri-proof lighting products are perfect for your needs? We are here to help you make a decision! Just connect and let’s start a friendly talk.

SeniorLED brings a growing catalog of tri-proof LED products with diverse efficiencies to cater the unique needs of families and businesses. Our tri-proof LED lighting is unmatched in terms of power efficiency, dimming capabilities, material strength, lifespan, and much more. That’s why our indoor outdoor LED products have a huge global demand and expanding network of distributors.

Check out the specifications table below to gain a deeper understanding of our tri-proof offerings. Want help to decide which tri-proof LED lighting model is perfect for your requirements? Fill the inquiry form to connect with us!

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Being an international supplier of LED lighting products, SeniorLED understands the importance of delivering lighting shipments safely. That’s why we will take every precaution to pack your order of tri-proof LED lighting products. From individual product coverage to strong cardboard boxes and sturdy poly wrapping, our team takes every precaution to make sure that your shipment of LED lighting products arrive in perfect shape.

Have a look at the below images to learn about our packaging practices and shipping processes.

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SeniorLED has been brightening airports, shopping malls, corporate offices, parking lots, ports, industries, and public spaces for over one decade now. While our focus is always on delivering high-performance and power-efficient lighting products, we also strive hard to bring down the cost of advanced LED lighting products. So, rest assured, you will get the best price for your LED tri-proof tubes from us.

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