July 10, 2017

SeniorLED Launches LED Troffer Lights for Industrial and Commercial Spaces

As a team of engineers committed to lighting innovation, SeniorLED is always working hard to evolve new LED products to shake the global LED market. The newest addition to our product catalogue is the LED troffer, which is light years ahead of traditional fixtures that buzz, flicker and cause eye fatigue.

Eco-friendly with advanced power saving capabilities, the LED troffer from SeniorLED is the perfect lighting solution for factories, supermarkets, healthcare facilities, showrooms, and commercial spaces.

Let’s have a look at some unique aspects of the LED troffers from SeniorLED:

ABS advantage

SeniorLED wanted to manufacture sturdy LED troffers without pushing up the product pricing. That’s why we used ABS for making the case material of our troffer lights. The best in class ABS which not only brings the advantage of product durability but also promises resistance to corrosive chemicals. In addition to that, it helped us reduce the cost of LED troffers from US $22.00 (EXW price) to US $15.90/pcs.

Highly sophisticated drivers 

To guarantee a premium lighting experience, SeniorLED has built the LED troffers using drivers that are fitted with offer maximum heat dissipation. This also means zero flicker, overload protection, short circuit protection and the greatest lighting experience. This means complete safety for your office and surroundings.

Fireproof and long lasting design

SeniorLED uses the best synthetic materials to make LED troffers that will provide a longer lifespan to buyers. By using fireproof materials for product development, we ensure that our newest LED products are impervious to fire. This means your troffer lights will last many years and cut down on replacement costs.

The new LED product from SeniorLED brings a superior design, ABS advantage, easy installation and high quality packaging for the best client experience. Have a read through the product documentation to learn more about these LED troffers from SeniorLED –

In the last decade, SeniorLED has revolutionized the Chinese lighting market by focusing on LED innovation, top class product engineering and unmatched support.
Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 or send an email at to learn more about LED troffer lights or any other LED product from our catalogue.

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  1. Rocky:
    It looks like you guys have accomplished your mission.
    Please provide pricing.
    Is it only 2×2 or you have 2×4 as well?
    Please send me a Sample P.I.

    Thank you

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