September 20, 2018

LED vs HPS Lights – Lighting Comparison with SeniorLED!

Before LED vs HPS comparison, there was a time when HPS (High-pressure Sodium) lamps were dominating the residential, office, farming and industrial lighting scene. Thankfully, the market has changed a lot since due to their high power consumption, short lifespan, and environmental drawbacks. The LED (Light emitting diode) lights have completely altered the situation and are at the forefront to take over the lighting industry. A study by Winter Green Research Inc. reveals that the LED market is estimated to reach $63.1 billion by 2020. No wonder LED light wins the LED vs HPS comparison.

The real reason behind the success of LED lighting is its coveted qualities and advantages over other lighting solutions. Here are many compelling reasons why LED lights are preferred over HPS lights. Have a look at LED vs HPS showdown!

More energy savings

LEDs use up to 70% less energy than traditional HPS systems to deliver the same light illumination. In commercial units where a lot of energy is consumed for illumination, production, and even indoor plantation, the use of LED lights carry long term benefits. LEDs maintain a constant level of luminosity for as long as they are functional while consuming way less energy than HPS lights. So, we can say LED wins energy savings round in LED versus HPS lighting.

Efficient light pattern

If we compare LED and HPS lighting, LED light bulbs offer exceptional design flexibility in terms of light level, color spectrum and distribution pattern. A single LED grow light is capable of yielding up to 1.5 grams per watt while using less electricity in order to produce the same luminosity. This advantage makes LED light an effective product for indoor farming and highly popular amongst agro businesses.

led vs hps comparison Multiple colour spectral variations

In context of indoor farming, LED light fixtures offer different color spectral variations and are specifically designed to bring out the desired plant response including leaf size and stem elongation, chlorophyll & pigment concentration, branching and flowering. With the use of LED lighting over HPS lights, the plant growth time is also often faster. HPS lights on the other hand bring no such advantage. Another win for LED in the LED vs HPS comparison!

Effective heat management

Unlike HPS bulbs, LED fixtures produce less heat and contain no mercury which is hazardous in nature. Due to these advantages, they are highly preferred by businesses which are considerate of environment. They are also preferred for indoor farming because they can be placed closer to plants, enabling higher light intensities without heat damage. Less heat dissipation also translates into lower water consumption. This advantage makes LED light a natural fit for commercial agro businesses.

LED vs HPS lights

Long lifespan & low maintenance

Quality LEDs have an expected lifespan of more than 40,000 hours. A typical HPS bulb lasts only about 10,000 hours. With a longer operational life, LEDs bring down maintenance & replacement costs for business owners, achieving a low-maintenance lighting system. This feature also makes LED lighting products a clear winner in LED vs HPS comparison.

Hps vs ledBuy the best LED lighting system

Since efficient and long lasting lighting is one of the top priorities of businesses, industries and commercial space managers, the demand of LED lights is increasing at great speed. SeniorLED has been designing and supplying power efficient LED lighting products for almost a decade now. We are supplier of Panasonic & Kodak Lighting US and also render OEM services to international brands like Home Depot.

We offer competitive pricing on bulk orders of commercial LED lighting, make provision of AIG product liability insurance, and also bring the advantage of easy replacement policy in case of product damage during transit.

Want to discuss your commercial and industry lighting requirements? Contact us at with your queries related to highly efficiency and power saving LED lighting.

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