October 31, 2017

Low Blue Light LED Bulbs – Everything You Need to Know

In the United States and Canada alone, over 28.5 million people work night shifts and hence require low blue light LED bulbs. However, very few businesses and organizations have embraced blue blocking light bulbs, tubes, and lighting products. This is one of the reasons why SeniorLED is creating awareness for low blue light LED bulbs and also supplying the same to LED market of the States and Canada.

Before going deeper into the details of low blue light LED bulbs, let’s first understand its meaning and the science behind it.

Low blue light bulbs & blue light 

Low blue light LED solutions are basically LED bulbs and tubes that reduce high bio-active blue wavelength content. While the blue light has huge advantages in terms of alertness and productivity during the day time, it had adverse health effects at night. Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum. It produces large amounts of energy and has a short wavelength. Long term exposure of blue lights can cause serious damage to the eyes especially cornea and retina.

According to World Health Organisation and American Medical Association, energy efficient LED lights and fluorescents are unhealthy at night because of its high blue wavelength. Empirical research and studies has contributed greatly to awareness about blue light and also adoption of blue blocking light bulbs. Let’s have a look at the harmful effects of blue light to better understand of the importance of switching to smarter wellbeing lighting technologies.

Blue light and its harmful effects

The Retina’s receptors are sensitive to light and connect to the part of the brain which regulates our circadian cycle and the disruption of circadian rhythm results in harmful disorders. Exposure to blue light during night time causes obesity, mood disorder, reproductive disorders and cancer related diseases. The impact of blue light on sleep is also drastic as it lowers the melatonin production, which is a hormone responsible for sleep regulation. Still not convinced about the importance of low blue light LED bulbs? Keep reading.

According to American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF) paper publication, blue light escalates age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). Whether watching television, working at office or using cell phones, we are always exposed to hazardous blue light and its dangerous effects. To minimize the damage from the main lighting source at night, homes, workspaces, and public spaces need blue blocking light bulbs.

low blue light led bulbsBlue blocking light bulbs – A revolution in lighting

A blue light free light bulb is the result of the technology innovation undertaken by some of the best LED manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Blue blocking light bulbs minimize the quantity of high bio-active blue wavelength content which can be damaging during the night.

SeniorLED joined the league of top LED manufacturers and suppliers a couple of years ago to manufacture and supply low blue light bulbs to the international market. Our unique lighting solutions focus on making homes and workspaces safer and healthier, which is one of the reasons we are widely recommended on Quora.

Low blue light bulbs are notably better than typical Led bulbs in terms of circadian cycle regulation and human health. Our team of LED engineers has evolved a low blue light bulb technology which ensures minimal amount of blue lighting and high color rendering.

blue light blocking led bulbs

Low blue light LED bulbs – Post an Inquiry

SeniorLED’s team is focused on solving global lighting challenges by innovating and manufacturing affordable low blue LED lighting solutions. Through strict QC processes that involves testing, inspections, and quality checks, we ensure that our blue blocking light bulbs meet global quality standards. This is the reason we have become one of the most trusted LED lighting brands in China, and a reputed supplier of low blue light LED lighting products.

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