January 4, 2018

Top Low Energy Light Bulbs in SeniorLED’s Catalogue

Developing advanced low energy light bulbs and lighting products is something every LED lighting manufacturer and supplier aims for, but very few have managed to accomplish it. That’s because manufacturing the best energy efficient light bulbs and tubes requires investment in R&D, an advanced production line, and top quality equipment. And that’s what only top LED manufacturers of the world can manage.

Today, we bring for you the best low energy light bulbs and lighting products in our vast catalogue to help you minimize power bills and maximize lighting experience. Have a look at the top low energy light bulbs on offer by SeniorLED:

LED High Bay Lighting

Powered by Philips 3030 130LM/W LED chips, the unique High Bay UFO is counted amongst the top low energy light bulbs in our product catalogue. Our unique product has high efficiency 130lm/w with IES test report, which is something very few LED manufacturers in China can promise. When it comes to certifications, SeniorLED’s High Bay UFO has acclaimed UL, DLC, FCC, ROHS, TUV, CE, SAA, PSE, and ENEC. This, along with unique heat dissipation design and premium lighting experience, makes it one of the most in-demand and energy efficient light products. Learn more

LED garage ceiling lights

SeniorLED has opted for the latest lighting technology to design and manufacture LED garage ceiling lights, which are currently being used in railway stations, coal mines, power stations, vessels, power grids, and harbours across the world. Certified by UL, cUL, CE, CB, SAA and DLC, these low energy light bulbs and tubes come with a fibreglass housing that packs anti-ageing and anti-corrosion properties. Dimming capabilities are also included which play a crucial role in power savings. Check out garage ceiling lights that are equivalent to best energy efficient light bulbs in the world.

best energy efficient light bulbsLED panel light

There is no compromise in quality when you associate with SeniorLED. That’s why our low energy LED panel lights are perfect for your office lighting needs. An AIG product reliability insured product, our LED panel lights bring top power efficiency (PF>0.9) and high CRI (Ra>80), THD<15%. In addition to falling in the category of most energy efficient light bulbs, it also delivers steady performance and delivers lower maintenance. Check it out.

best energy efficient light tubesLow energy grow lights

Gardening enthusiasts stopped worrying about the power bills when SeniorLED came out with low energy grow lighting and bulbs. With lifespan of over 35,000 hours, our best energy efficient light bulbs for agriculturists and florists are easy to install and offer short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and lighting that shortens the growth cycle of plants. Rest assured, your energy consumption will be reduced by at least 30% after installing our best energy efficient light bulbs for plants. Have a look.

low energy light bulbsCountry optimized T8 LED tubes

SeniorLED supplies low energy light bulbs and tubes across the world. Since some countries have unique equipment standards for lighting, we optimize our T8 LED tubes as per local fitting and safety guidelines to deliver best lighting experience. SAA approved and C-TICK Rohs & CE-compliant, our AUS and NZ optimized LED T8 tube lights come with 5 years warranty and can covert at least 90% of the power used into light. Check it out.

power saving led lighting bulbs

Buy Low Energy Light Bulbs

For the past one decade, SeniorLED is revolutionizing the LED market by launching advanced lighting products that not only deliver best LED lighting but also cut down power bills. Browse our complete catalog of best energy efficient light bulbs and tubes to pick the ones best suited to your requirements.

Not sure which energy efficient lighting products are the best for you? Simply drop an email at and we will guide you through the whole process of lighting selection and purchase.

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