April 5, 2018

Top Quality Magnetic LED Light Strips and Bars from SeniorLED

Over the past decade, SeniorLED has been persistently fulfilling the global demand for magnetic LED light strips and bars lighting. We leverage latest LED lighting technologies to manufacture & supply highly advanced magnetic LED lighting solutions to businesses & organizations around the world.

Browse through our top-of-the-line magnetic LED light strips and bars which feature great technical specifications, higher power-to-illumination ratios, and state-of-the-art features. In short, everything that makes us the top supplier of magnetic LED lights!

Magnetic LED Light Strips

Having a massive demand in the USA & Canada, SeniorLED’s power-efficient magnetic LED light strip solutions have undoubtedly the best specifications and features in the LED lighting market. Popularly used in illuminating canopies, small farmyards, and cold storage facilities, our magnetic LED strip lights are the perfect solution to brighten up small as well as large areas.

The advanced features which distinguish our magnetic LED light strips from old-technology stricken magnetic LEDs are as follows:

* Highly energy-efficient

* Luminous efficacy of 130 lumens per watt

* CCT of 5000 Kelvin and CRI of more than 80.

* ETL/cETL certified LED product

* Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 8.5%

* 5 years brand warranty

magnetic led strips and bars

As part of our UL indoor lighting catalogue, magnetic LED light strips come with multiple international quality certifications and unmatched after-sales support.

Magnetic LED Light Bars

Assured with DLC Premium 4.2 classification and equipped with solid metal housing, magnetic LED light bar solutions from SeniorLED have seen tremendous success in recent years. Our highly power-efficient magnetic LED light bars have proven highly beneficial as well as practical for illuminating large areas such as parking garages, dusty terrains, and wet environment zones.

No wonder our magnetic light bars are meeting LED lighting requirements of businesses and organizations across the globe. Take a look at the state-of-the-art features of our magnetic LED light bars:

* Environment-friendly

* DLC premium classification

* troffer housing and other metal housing with the cover

* ETL/cETL certified LED product

* 5 years warranty

* Lifespan of 50,000 hours

magnetic led light strips and barsAlso read about our UL & CE approved LED panel lights which feature high CRI, better lumen power, and DLC 4.0 classification!

Inquire About Magnetic LED Light Strips and Bars

For more than a decade, SeniorLED has been leveraging modern LED technologies to develop advanced LED lighting solutions for small businesses, corporate, and government bodies. Our UL and CE Indoor-outdoor lights catalogues encompass a wide range of energy-efficient LED products designed to save energy, last longer, and provide superior illumination.

Email to inquire about our magnetic LED light strips and bars or simply call (+86) 139 6488 0018 to discuss your requirements for magnetic led lights with our team of experienced LED engineers!

Check out what entrepreneurs and business owners say about the product quality and after-sales support of SeniorLED on Quora.

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