July 18, 2016

Encouraging Clients to make the Fluorescent switch

Making the fluorescent switch

For many of us in the industry, LED lights have already out paced fluorescent lights for a long time. To carry out the fluorescent switch to LED lights makes perfect sense. Not only do they have more working hours, turn on almost instantly  and give a lot more even lighting, but also they do not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury like most fluorescent lighting does.

However, many times this is not the case with certain clients. Many people still buy fluorescent lights. As you can see from the pie charts:


fluorescent switch

Time to make the fluorescent switch?

Many consumers still use fluorescent lighting and will continue to use them well into 2017. Those involved in lighting already know that LED is going to become a major part of the market. Yet why don’t many consumers take the fluorescent switch?

There are many reasons for this. The first reasons is that many consumers have a habit of buying a certain brand or just fluorescent lighting in general. It becomes hard for them to be able to take the fluorescent switch. It makes them feel uneasy stepping out into new territory. A second reason is that they are put off by the LED’s high price, especially compared to glass fluorescent tubes. A third reason is that many light fixtures come installed to suit the nature of fluorescent lights and switching to LED lights would give clients a higher short term cost when compared to fluorescent.

How to encourage Clients to take the fluorescent switch

For many wholesalers it is hard to persuade these users to take the fluorescent switch. This is why we at SeniorLED shall provide a few key advantages so wholesalers can make that sale.

Habitual buyers

To tackle the problem of consumers being in the habit of using fluorescent lights can be difficult. Often arguing them into buying LED makes you appear aggressive and they may cut you off from them. This is no good for both parties involved. The best way to deal with this problem is to question why the client wants to use fluorescent lights so much, to really understand their needs and show to them you actually want to be helpful. Next if they are still unsure after communication tactfully offer them a free sample so that they can see the advantages for themselves.

Cost-wary buyers

With consumers raising the cost as an objection  there are a few points you can remind them of to really focus on what matters to their business. For starters, LED lights last much longer and while in the short term fluorescent lights have a cheaper price tag, the fact they need to be replaced multiple times more than LED means in the end they are surely not the cheaper option. You can also remind them of the added benefit that LED lights are environmentally friendly with their low energy use. While fluorescent lights on the other hand, can harm the environment. These two ideas can really be effective in  persuading clients to switch from fluorescent lighting.

Incompatible buyers

Finally on the subject of incompatible fixtures with LED lighting, this can also be a hard point which clients cling to when buying fluorescent lighting and passing over LED. However, these is the key point that LED consumer far less energy than Fluorescent giving massive energy bill savings in the long run. You can remind your client of this major reason to switch from fluorescent lighting.


In conclusion while it does seem intimidating at first to try and persuade clients to make the switch from fluorescent lighting, yet the rewards for doing so are great. Not only will you make a sale but also gain the trust of a client when they need to look at similar or different LED products. The key things to be able to do this is to listen to the client on why they won’t switch from fluorescent lighting and position your LED products based on their needs. This is always the basic steps we take with all our clients here at SeniorLED. This is why SeniorLED is one of the best manufacturers in China to do business with.

About The Company:

SeniorLED is one of the leading LED light companies in China. The company produces and supplies their innovative products to wholesale distributors around the world. By offering UL and DLC certified lights specifically for USA and Canada markets, SeniorLED has made a strong penetration in many economies around the world.


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