February 15, 2018

Medical & Healthcare Lighting For Modern Health Facilities

Technology, intensive care & patient support are not the only fields modern medical facilities are concerned about. Healthcare lighting has also become an important point of discussion in medical corridors since the benefits generated by the right medical lighting are humongous.

Patients need extensive care in hospitals and sometimes even have to stay for long durations to recover from chronic ailments. Since modern LED lighting can improve wellbeing & in some cases directly aid recovery, hospitals & medical centers across the world are upgrading to lighting specially designed for healthcare facilities.

healthcare lightingHealthcare lighting and performance

Most medical centers need to be lit throughout the day and night. From hospital wards to washrooms, hallways, private rooms, and parking lots, everything requires sophisticated lighting. That’s why quality and energy efficiency matters a lot in healthcare lighting.

Adequate lighting in operating theatres helps medical experts to maintain focus and prevent errors. Advanced healthcare lighting is a must in MRI facilities and CT scan rooms since uptime, performance, and patient comfort matters a lot.

Human centric medical LED lighting

Patients nowadays prefer medical LED lighting that enables them to set luminance according to their personal preferences. This is the reason why mood light bulbs, dimming LED lights, and human centric lighting are in great demand amongst hospice facilities.

It’s important to have the right blend of lighting results in a relaxing environment and gentle illumination in healthcare spaces, especially the ones occupied by patients. For hospitals, health care centers and nursing homes, choosing the ideal medical lighting is essential given that it not only improves illumination but also contributes to patient recovery.

While day-time medical lighting should ensure maximum visibility for patients as well as hospital workers, night-time LED lighting should be optimized to regulate circadian cycles. Only specialized lighting manufacturers and suppliers promise this.

medical LED lighting

Environment friendly healthcare lighting

According to AIA Guidelines for the Design & Construction of Hospital & Healthcare Facilities, use of lighting products with mercury has been highly discouraged. While exposure to mercury is definitely bad for patients, this harmful substance is also bad for the environment.

Medical center authorities also found modern LED medical lighting safer than traditional LED lights based on old technology, being used for decades. Hence, upgrading your LED lights to healthcare lighting makes perfect sense.

Best healthcare & medical LED lighting – Inquire now

For years, SeniorLED has been leveraging LED technology to create world- class healthy LED lighting products for hospitals and healthcare centers. By providing medical industry with precisely engineered medical LED lighting, we are quickly emerging as one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of medical LED lighting in the world.

Other than being a pioneer in the healthy LED lighting market, we also aim to cater the global demand of healthcare LED lighting products driven by clinics, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and healthcare institutions all over the globe.

Our advanced production line, continuous innovation, international product quality, environment friendly products, and sturdy after sales support are some reasons why we are highly popular on Quora and widely recommended for modern LED lighting.

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