November 16, 2017

Mood Light Bulbs– Custom Lighting With Advanced Tech

Many empirical studies prove that mood light bulbs positively impact the quality of life and wellbeing. In 2001, Veitch and McColl studied workplace performance in respect to lighting’s cognitive and mood-related effects only to discover that mood is influenced by the quality and amount of lighting.  According to another experimental study in which men and women with the average age of 37 years participated. The impact of mood LED lighting in human behavior was found to be huge. Whilst positive effects on women were significantly higher than men, unfriendliness was notably lower under mood LED lighting.

To put it simply, mood light bulbs have the ability to improve the health quotient of the surroundings by creating a better lit environment, which is tailored to your mood. This works very similarly to the theatre lighting where dramatic lights are used to make a stronger cinematic impact on the audience. Let’s get acquainted with the health benefits of mood lighting products.

Mood and science of light

According to the Journal of Consumer Psychology Publication, human emotions are directly proportional to the intensity of light. With higher light intensity, human emotions also increase. Natural lighting influences our mood and emotions positively. Most hospitals use green color as their interior because the color reduces stress and calms the mind subconsciously. Mood light bulbs are also being deployed at workplaces all over the world to channel the power of color optimized lighting.

Chromo therapy – also known as color therapy – is the branch of therapy that makes use of color lighting to deliver health benefits related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Some colors that are used in color therapy and Mood lighting technology are as follows:-

# Red color – It increases blood pressure and pulse rate and is widely used in circulatory and nervous related functions.

# Pink color – It eradicates impurities in the blood stream.

# Green color – It has soothing effect on the human mind.

# Indigo color – This color is used for sedative effects.

# Violet color – It calms the nervous system and relaxes muscles.

# Yellow color – It is used for skin purification, indigestion problems, and maintaining metabolism.

In 1876, August Pleasanton, a renowned scientist published a “The Influence of the Blue Ray of Sunlight and of the Blue Color of the Sky” which talks about the impact of blue color on plants, cattle and the human body. His work added greatly to the understanding of color lighting tech and furthered the research in to mood lighting bulbs and products.

mood light bulbsMood Light Bulbs – A Lighting Revolutionary

The R&D departments of progressive LED companies have been working on innovative breakthroughs in LED lighting technology for many years now. Modern mood lighting bulbs are smart enough to pack dimming capabilities, diverse color palates, scheduling, wireless control, easy installation, and much more. Modern mood lighting bulbs on offer by SeniorLED also bring diverse advantages such as high energy efficiency, increased lifespan, and enhanced performance.

SeniorLED is China’s fastest growing LED manufacturer and supplier with focus on healthy lighting products. In the next one decade, we aspire to become the biggest distributors of mood lighting products and well-being lighting in the world.

mood lighting

Inquire about mood lighting LEDs

Families and businesses have been trusting SeniorLED for their lighting needs for over a decade now. By introducing our range of mood lighting products, we want to give people the power to change the lighting as per their mood and requirements. Stringent quality control processes, highly experienced LED engineers, and a focus on technological innovation have helped SeniorLED stay ahead of competitors, and we will maintain the pace in wellbeing lighting as well.

Drop an email at or call (+86) 139 6488 0018 for discuss your requirements of mood light bulbs and healthy lighting products. Check out SeniorLED on Behance to discover our most popular LED lighting products, client reviews, and much more.

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