Nano-plastic LED tube

What are the benefits of adding Nano-plastic T8 LED linear bulbs to your product range?






Why you should purchase your Nano-plastic tubes with SeniorLED:

Our quality guarantee

Quality is enshrined in our business practice. All products and deliveries undergo strict quality control tests before you receive them (check our full QC process download here). Read through the other tabs to understand all the steps we take to make sure your order is secure through-out it’s life and it’s delivery to you.

Other reasons why you should have trust in our quality:

  • We are the biggest OEM factory in Shenzhen and do work for Samsung and Home depot.
  • We have 6 fully automatic SMT machines that can produce 100,000 tubes every month with few errors.
  • Our R&D team is always working to improve product efficiency, materials and technology. Keeping our products up-to-date and competitive.

Our trusting and clearly out-lined relationship with our partners

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    How to do business with us


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    Our payment and delivery terms
    Trade termsEXW, FOB, CNF(CFR), CIF, DDU, DDP available
    Payment termsTT30% before production begins, 70% before shipment sent.
    Paypal, Western Union available for order amount less than US $1000.00
    LCLC amount below US$30,000.00 ,We need charge US $500.00 for LC fee.
    LC amount above US$100,000.00,
    we can accept long term payment against different interests.
    LC 30days with 1.9% interests LC amount.
    LC 60days with 2.5% interests LC amount.
    LC 90days with 3.2% interests LC amount.
    LC 180days with 4.5% interests LC amount.
    LC 360days with 5.2% interests LC amount.
    OAAvailable for distributors after Sinosure audited.
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    How to become a Distributor

    Becoming a SeniorLED distributor is a very clear process and can enjoy distributor price and full support.

    Read through the other headings to find out which most suits the market you wish to distribute in or your current situation.

    If you feel you need more precise information, please click here to download our Distributor policy and find out more.

  4. 4
    Non-exclusive distributor

    Non-exclusive distribution agreement has no requirements but also is the least secure in the fact that SeniorLED reserves the right to contact multiple distributors in the same market or region.

    While you will still receive our cooperation and numerous benefits, you will notice when reading our Distributor policy that some benefits are not available to you.

    Make sure you read our Distributor policy found under the “How to do business with us” heading.

  5. 5
    Non-exclusive distributor with protection period

    Non-exclusive distributor with protection period is for those companies which cannot at first meet the requirements of the exclusive distribution agreement or simply SeniorLED feels the market or region is to insecure to go into such a long term agreement. The protection period is the compromise of these things as it requires no deposit but only lasts a maximum of 8 months if the threshold requirement is filled. The agreement can be upgraded to exclusive if further threshold requirements are met. These requirements are as follows:

    • Firstly a period of 3 months is given. If an order is placed (amount specified in the Distributor agreement document) during that protection period it will be extended by a further 5 months.
    • If the Distributor achieves 20% of the annual sales target they have a priority to become an exclusive distributor for another year. During that time they must meet the annual target in full.
    • If the Distributor does not meet 20% of the sales target within 8 months SeniorLED reserves the right to reconsider the extending the protection period or not.
    • During protection period, the supplier will not authorize or quote to any new agency and/or customer(s) on this country/region. However if there are no orders placed within 3 months protection period, the supplier reserves the right to re-evaluate and decide if the protection period will be extended or not.

    Non-exclusive distributors with protection period enjoy all the same benefits of exclusive distributors, though still the agreement is not as secure as being an exclusive distributor itself.

    Read more to get the full details of the required thresholds and benefits of being in a non-exclusive but under protection period distribution agreement with us. This can be found in our Distributor policy found within the “How to do business with us” section

  6. 6
    Exclusive distributor

    Becoming a exclusive distributor for our product ensures that you have our full cooperation in a certain market or region. We will work with you to ensure there is always a win-win scenario. However before this can be agreed to and maintained a few requirements must be fulfilled:

    • Firstly a deposit must be given. The deposit amount is determined by the set sales target which is dependent on the population of the market or region. The deposit is 1% of that sales target. The deposit is refunded by 1% of each order placed by the distributor until the deposit is paid back in full.
    • Secondly, if the sales target is met within the year the agreement will be extended automatically, if not SeniorLED reserves the right to terminate the agreement. If the deposit remains unpaid the same method of repayment, stated above, remains in place.

    Exclusive distributors also enjoy many benefits a few examples are: Free samples with free delivery, 24 hrs guaranteed reply, share buying leads from target market, website construction support provided and more.

    Read our full Distributor policy found under “How to do business with us” to find out more.

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