April 22, 2016

Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes

Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes is revolution of led industry

LED linear tubes are improving on a daily basis. At end of 2015, there were new patented material of tube bodies in production and starting to sell on market. These new patented materials of tube bodies were Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes

Benefits of  Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes

1. It has better light transmittance and the light emits softer.

All PC lenses of LED linear tube have a very strong but harsh light. Frosted lenses can be used to soften the light but that reduces lumens. Clear lenses don’t reduce lumens but are too glaring for peoples’ eyes. Neither of them are perfect, on the other hand Nano-plastic uses Nano-scale guided particles. It spreads light more evenly and it softens the LED light, reducing the glare emitted. Due to the Nano-plastic’s features, the light’s angle is more evenly spread; causing the light to appear to be softer and able to diffuse the glaring. Though softer does not mean weaker. In fact the luminous efficiency of Nano-plastic light can reach to 92%.

Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes

Therefore, with the same luminous efficiency LED chips, Nano-plastic provides 5-12% more lumens, on top of the light being softer and overall better for peoples’ eyes.

Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes 2

Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes

Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes 3

Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes

2 . Better strength, better endurance.
Nano-Plastic’s coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than copper. In the entire market only 30% of Polycarbonate based products feature the guarantee it will not become out of shape after long working hours under high temperatures. Nano-plastic contrastingly does not become out of shape at all. Also Nano-Plastic’s bending endurance is two times better than normal PC lense. In the drop test Nano-plastic is intact even after a two meters fall.

Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 4Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 5

Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 6


Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 7

3. Anti-aging and non-discolouring

Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes have excellent performance, remaining the same for long periods of time during the straightness, length variance, non-discolouring and Light transmittance under extreme temperatures and oxidation test.

Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 8

Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 9

Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 10

Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 11

Nano-plastic T8 LED Linear Tubes 12

4. Light weight and better heat dissipation
Normal PC lenses thickness is approx. 0.8-1mm and the heat dissipation is completely dependent on how much aluminium is integrated by the manufacturer. A Nano-plastic linear tube has only 0.4-0.5mm thickness and this new material has super thermal conductivity. Additionally the internal convection holes can release a great amount of heat from the tube light.

This new Nano-plastic T8 LED tubes has already been tested and sold by many top brands of led light manufacturers because it still uses the standard G-13 doubled pinned single power supply T8 designs and therefore easy to update to. It is already being used in lots of locations and facilities which require strict safety regulations. For example: public areas, food factories, Schools etc. Buildings and factories who are willing to replace traditional linear tubes at a fair price with reliable quality are taking the right step to beat the market by keeping unnecessary cost at a very low level. The best feature of the new Nano-plastic material it has the same price as a glass LED tube (cheapest material on current market). Nano-plastic linear tube light is 15-20% cheaper
than the current PC covered (PC+aluminium profit or PC+aluminium heat-sink) LED tubes. Evolution of material brings great benefits for all parts of the market, allowing good quality products to also have a competitive price.

To get the full test report on Nano-plastic click the download here. Nano plastic tube Test report_F

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