March 1, 2018

Non-Toxic Light Bulbs- 5 Reasons to Use at Home & Office

Non-toxic light bulbs are fast replacing traditional LED lights and incandescent bulbs in hospitals, schools, health centers and workplaces. Non-toxic light bulbs are specially designed LED lights that reduce the high bio-active blue light emission which makes them highly beneficial in terms of eye health and overall well-being.

Independent studies have revealed that healthy lighting produced by non-toxic light bulbs improves mental functions by at least 25 percent, thus increasing productivity by 23 percent. To create awareness about the benefits of non-toxic light bulbs, our team of LED experts and researchers compiled this list of the top 5 reasons why you should immediately switch to non-toxic light bulbs.

non toxic light bulbs

Here are the top 5 reasons to use non toxic light bulbs at home and in the office:

Non-toxic light bulbs do not contain mercury

Unlike compact fluorescent lamps (CFL lamps), non-toxic light bulbs are mercury-free. Mercury is a highly toxic chemical which has been banned in hospitals and healthcare facilities by government bodies of many counties. Fluorescent lamps contain 4 milligrams of mercury which is sealed within a glass tube and should be disposed of with the utmost safety precautions.

Non-toxic light bulbs deliver quality light

With a CRI (color rendering index) of more than 80, healthy light emitted by modern non-toxic light bulbs is highly beneficial for human health. A better CRI helps light to reflect colors naturally. Non-toxic light bulbs resemble natural light spectrum and produce well-balanced artificial lighting, bringing benefits of natural light for human beings. Check out our product catalog and buying guides on Issuu.

non toxic light bulbsNontoxic light bulbs are environmentally friendly

Unlike most fluorescent light bulbs, nontoxic lights bulbs are easy to dispose of after their long lifespan. Modern LED focused lighting products do not release dangerous mercury content and fumes when broken. Environment friendliness is one of the biggest reasons non-toxic bulbs are such a great success in corporate offices and healthcare facilities.

Non-toxic light bulbs offer huge health benefits

Besides being mercury-free and nature-friendly, non toxic light bulbs play a major role in maintaining the circadian rhythm of the body. They balance the unstable secretion of melatonin hormone during sleep which results in well-balanced sleep cycle. Modern lighting products also benefit people suffering from health ailments like SAD. Learn about Reading Bulbs which bring huge health benefits.

Nontoxic light bulbs enhance cognitive skills

Cognitive functions in humans include memory, learning, problem-solving and alertness. Such functions are supported by specific neural networks. When an individual is exposed to healthy lighting emitted by non-toxic light bulbs, it naturally activates different sections of the brains responsible for human motor skills. Hence, nontoxic lighting generates benefits related to cognitive skills.

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