November 22, 2018

Workplace Illumination Standards & Lighting Best Practices

Office lighting standard or illumination standards in the workplace are bounded by federal regulations that have been formulated by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). The regulation body of the USA is known for setting lighting standards and working towards the enforcement of protective workplace safety and health standards.

Office lighting standards signifies that a workplace requires 500 lumens of light per square meter. According to OSHA requirements, the lightning factors for illumination standards in the workplace falls under four categories

Lighting measurement – Workplace lighting is to be measured in units labeled foot-candles by using a light meter.

General lighting – The purpose of general lightning is to spread illumination evenly in the workplace. A perfect example of general lighting is overhead lights placed in the warehouses.

Task lighting – Unlike general lighting, the purpose of task lighting is to focus on a specific area. Task lightning can be used to illuminate a specific area like a table or a particular corner.

Emergency lighting – When both general lighting as well as task lighting fails due to power failure, the emergency lights comes into action. Emergency lights are connected via reserve sources.

Businesses and office managers are often stuck in situations where they have to make decisions regarding lighting in the office space. Along with space and design, it is equally important to check the illumination standards in the workplace.

Office ligting standardsOffice lighting standards founded or created by OSHA should be kept in mind before choosing the lights for your office space. Below are the most critical points to be kept in mind before placing an order of LED lighting solutions:

Health of the workers

There is no uniform lighting level to optimize productivity. At the same time, some scientific studies states that workers deprived from daylight are more prone to insomnia. Exposure of natural light is mandatory and if that is not possible, go for daylight colors, like white and blue-white, which gives the feeling of being in sunlight and the benefits of it as well.

Separate workstations

Planning the workstations will result in better productivity outcomes. Every individual have their own lighting preference and providing them their personal workstations can give them the privilege of setting the lights in which they are comfortable working in. Table lamps with modern LED lights play a crucial role in this.

Illumination for computers

It is important to understand that the computers should not be kept against a contrasting light source. The contrasting light makes it very difficult for the user to read or work on the computer. This may lead to headaches or eye strains.

Fuller utilization of workplace illumination standards will always leave a positive impact on the level of satisfaction and mood of workers. This will result in more productive outcomes benefiting the business organization for a longer period.

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While moving in a new office, it is a wise idea to get multiple thoughts on the lightning. That said, selecting the right lights and fixtures for your office is not an easy task. Answering below questions before placing an order will be crucial:

  • What could be the perfect color to create desirable office lighting levels?
  • How much time are employees spending under artificial lighting?
  • Do employees need health focused lighting?
  • Do different office spaces require different lighting?

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