June 13, 2016

Importers Worldwide enjoy SeniorLED’s opportunities

SeniorLED, a reliable resource for LED products, is offering rewarding opportunities to Importers worldwide.

SeniorLED, a subsidiary of Solar Leading Group Limited, has been captivating the attention of importers worldwide with its efficacy in designing and supplying wholesale commercial and industrial LED lighting products. The supplier of LED products sources innovative technologies to create products that deliver on efficiency, cost effectiveness and longevity. SeniorLED maintains an impressive inventory of LED tube lights, LED panel lights and solar power lights ready for shipping to curtail lead times and ensure prompt delivery.

Replying to a query related to SeniorLED, one of its executives recently stated, “We have built a reputation on integrity, professionalism and innovation. We rely on a trusted global network of LED distributors and wholesalers to reach out to the end users in all targeted markets. We are always on the hunt for ambitious, forward looking and professional partners who share our mission for quality and customer satisfaction. They can always vouch for our assured quality LED products, comprehensive support to create a thriving business and our ensured handsome mutual remunerations.”

SeniorLED does everything in its power to facilitate a stable, sustainable and holistic growth for importers worldwide. In its short yet eventful journey, the resource for LED products has worked on a wide variety of lighting projects ranging from high-end shopping centres to hospitals and factories. Leveraging on the experience so far gained, it can optimise UL and DLC certified LED lights to meet the specific requirements of importers in the USA, Canada, Australia and several other countries. With SeniorLED, the importers can access products at factory pricing and thus, make significant profits.

Shedding light on SeniorLED’s production capabilities, the executive stated furtermore, “Our massive production capabilities can inspire confidence among the most fastidious of importers. We have a state of the art production facility spread; over 25000sqm with eight production lines producing one million watts monthly. Our 500 strong workforce constituted by R&D engineers and technicians have the experience of working with latest technologies related to optics, electrical and mechanical engineering and heat management. Adhering to ISO9001 approved production processes, we can deliver products complying with quality standards appreciated globally.”

Besides production capabilities, SeniorLED keeps importers worldwide satisfied with fine tuned support services. The renowned factory of LED products also deploys seasoned sales teams for different markets to ensure steady business growth. The importers have an easy access to an inquiry reply service, which guarantees response within 24 hours. The inquiry reply service has multi linguistic professionals fluent in Spanish, English, French and German. Additionally, SeniorLED can entertain free delivery service for its exclusive distributors. Apparently, SeniorLED has emerged as a first preference for those seeking the best LED light distributor in China.

About SeniorLED:

SeniorLED is a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale commercial and industrial LED lighting products with global recognition. The enterprise is exporting top quality products comprised by LED lamps, LED tubes and energy efficient LED lighting to the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. No wonder, it has evolved into one of the top LED light companies in China.

Contact Information:


Building H, Wanda Industrial Zone,

Shenzhen, China

Tel: (+86) 139 6488 0018

WhatsApp: (+86) 139 6488 0018

Skype: solarleading



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