January 24, 2017

Product Analysis: LED Emergency Panel Lights

LED Panel emergency lights are combination of battery backup emergency power and normal LED lamp. They can be widely used in places with unreliable networks or often occurring power rationing. LED panel emergency lights are made of battery backup emergency power and LED panel lighting. Since its LED emits in surface form, people also call it as LED panel lighting or LED flat lighting.

In recent years, due to the increase of LED luminous efficiency, the performance to price ratio of LED panel lights has grown. They are bright, energy saving and well-formed. These advantages give great competitiveness to LED panel lights in the product cycle for the replacement of traditional lamps. LED chips are the light sources for an LED panel light, and they are fixed with aluminum alloy frames, which are positioned onto the surface, meaning they are easy to clean and protects the product from corrosion, dust, static and rust.

LED panel lights are covered with superior PMMA diffusers and light guide plates, leading to uniformity of light distribution, and no yellow discoloration after long term usage. They maintain a clean white color. Additional extra advantages of LED panels are:

No glare

No darkness

Larger beam angle

Over 90% light

Luminous efficiency higher than 100lm per

No infrared


No thermal effect

No any harmful and toxic substances

Long life span up to 50,000 hours – Their life span is 50 times higher than that of incandescent lamps and 10 times that of fluorescent lamps, which saves the cost of repair and replacement

Free installation, no need for professional installers. They are perfectly suitable to all kinds of installation, such as ceiling mounted, being fixed to a wall, lifting or being embedded.

Function & combination of LED battery-backed emergency power

The battery-backup emergency power in LED panel emergency lights are a combination of a huge capacity of chargeable batteries and an advanced and intelligent control circuit board. This backup is placed in a power box, which forms the combination of emergency power. Its working time for emergency power can be modified to meet the clients requirements. Working hours (1 – 5 hours variable) for emergencies, which can be easily adjusted to suit a range of budgets for our clients.

The emergency intelligent control circuit board not only works for battery charging but it will also monitor status of input current and voltage in real time (to check if the grid is off). If encountered with incidents such as earthquake, attacks, booming or any other emergency occurrence which causes grid outage, the emergency system will automatically operate in an instant to battery backup power without the need for manual switching, which will keep the LED panel lights operational for emergency use.

When the grid power is available again, the control system will automatically switch off battery backup power and the LED panel lights will work based on grid power. It will also automatically charge the batteries.

After full charge, the control system will automatically work to keep the backup power capacity, self-discharge compensation, maintenance of battery performance and lifespan in check. In order to adapt to different situations, we can configure different battery capacities to meet the demands for different emergency working hours. And our LED emergency panel lights can work under the wide temperature range -25 ℃ to + 60℃

PS: In order to meet and balance the usage and energy consumption, LED panel emergency lights will show lower lumens when used in an emergency situation.

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